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According to ehistorylib, Novaya Zemlya (Russian: Но́вая Земля́) is an archipelago in Europe consisting of Severny Island and Yuzhny Island. Novaya Zemlya is located on the boundary between the Barents Sea and the Kara Sea and is part of Russia. The capital of Novaya Zemlya is Belushya Guba (Belushya Guba).

Nova Zembla is an almost uninhabited country. Only 2,700 people live there, most of them in closed areas. In addition, some live outside the cities. These are the Nenets, who mainly live from fishing and hunting. Novaya Zemlya has long been known as a training ground for nuclear tests by the Russians. Nova Zembla is also known for the Nova Zembla effect (you can see the sunrise there before this could be astronomically speaking. This is caused by mirage). A Dutchman discovered this effect in 1597 when he visited the island with his crew. Today, 90% of the islands are designated as national parks and tourists are allowed in dribs and drabs. Tourists often come for the impressive landscapes that are mostly untouched.

Where is Novaya Zemlya?

Travel information of Nova Zembla

Official name: Nova Zembla
Continent: Europe
Area: 90,650 km²
Capital: Belushya Guba (Belushya Guba)
Country code: RU, RUS
Population: 2,700 inhabitants
Form of government: Federal Republic
Highest point: 1,547 m (Ural Mountains)
Distance (Amsterdam – Belushya Guba): 3,160km

Travel advice
Current status: All non-essential travel to Nova Zembla is discouraged.
Current color code: Orange.

Travel offer
On our travel offer page you will find an overview of reliable travel organizations that offer complete trips and holidays to Nova Zembla.

Weather and climate
Nova Zembla has a polar climate. During the winter months the temperatures are around -25 degrees and during the summer months around 5 degrees.
The current weather (weather forecast) and a weather forecast for Nova Zembla can be found on our extensive weather page.

Best travel time
Nova Zembla is only accessible in the summer period by expedition boat.

Russian is the official language on Novaya Zemlya.
Would you like to translate from or into Russian for free? Use the Google translator for this.

Travel documents
You must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months upon departure from Nova Zembla.
A visa is required. You can apply for this in person at the Russian Visa Center in Rotterdam or The Hague, after completing the visa form on (valid for 30 days).

Embassies and consulates
Below is an overview of relevant diplomatic representations, including addresses and contact details.
Netherlands Embassy in Russia:
Dutch consulates in Russia:
Russian Embassy and Consulates in the Netherlands:
For urgent assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 on +31247247247.

Vaccination (inoculation)
You do not need any vaccinations for a visit to Nova Zembla.

Money and Currency matters
Because the population of Nova Zembla lives in a closed area, money is of no use here.
There are no facilities and therefore no ATMs.

Time difference
During our summer time it is 1 hour later on Nova Zembla.
During our winter time it is 2 hours later on Nova Zembla.
Nova Zembla has no difference in winter time and summer time.
The local time, date and time zone for Nova Zembla can be found on our time difference page.

On Nova Zembla you must drive on the right.

Nova Zembla uses the same plugs and sockets as in the Netherlands.
More information about electricity on Nova Zembla can be found on our electricity page (look under Russia).

Emergency services
If you need help from the police, fire brigade and/or ambulance in an emergency, you can use the emergency numbers below.
– Police: unknown
– Fire brigade: unknown
– Ambulance: unknown

Tap water
It is not recommended to drink water from the tap.
If you are unable to buy bottled water, use a water purifier to purify the water or boil the water for 5 minutes. After this you can safely use it as drinking water and for things like brushing teeth, cleaning lenses and washing vegetables and / or fruit. More information about drinking water and/or the purchase of water purification products can be found on our drinking water page.

News and newspapers
The latest news regarding Nova Zembla can be found on Google news.

Websites from Nova Zembla end
Novaya Zemlya official website:

The country code (international access number) to call someone on Nova Zembla is 007 or +7.
If you want to call the Netherlands from Nova Zembla, dial 8 (wait for dial tone) 1031.
(If you use a country code, you must omit the first 0 of the number to be called.)

Photos and videos
On Google images you will find a nice collection of photos of Nova Zembla.
On Youtube you will find a nice collection of videos from Nova Zembla.

An overview of all public holidays in Russia (Nova Zembla) can be found on

Nature and world heritage
An overview of the protected nature areas (including national parks, reserves and wildlife parks) on Nova Zembla can be found on Protected Planet.
Novaya Zemlya is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Customs rules
Do you want to know how much you are allowed to import and export when traveling to Nova Zembla? On the IATA website you will find an overview with the maximum quantities of cigarettes, alcohol and money, among other things. If you stick to these quantities, you don’t have to declare anything to customs. In addition, on this website you will find the laws and regulations regarding the importation of pets and a list of everything that Nova Zembla is not allowed to import and/or export.

Relevant legislation
Below you will find relevant legislation and regulations that you may encounter during your visit to Nova Zembla.
– Alcohol: Buy from the age of 16, drink at all ages.
– Alcohol and traffic: Maximum allowed alcohol content is 0.
– Tobacco: Buying and/or smoking from the age of 18.
– Smoking ban: In public places.
– Homosexuality: Not allowed. Imprisonment and/or fine.

Did you know that…
…More than 80,000 of the 90,665 km² has been declared a national park?
… Minerals such as copper, lead and zinc can be found in Nova Zembla.?
…Nova Zembla was used as a test site for nuclear tests?
…Nova Zembla was used as a dump for nuclear material?
… There are two polar stations in Nova Zembla?

Nova Zembla Flag PNG Image