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U.S. Colleges and Universities 2016 by State

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Puerto Rico (30)

International (42)


College definitions: in the U. S, a place that gives students degrees. View more on digopaul. A school of this type can also be called a university if it is large enough to give more than one type of degree; all the students and teachers in a college; one of the parts that some universities are divided into; in the U.K,  a place that gives students qualifications below the level of a university degree, often in the skills they need to do a particular job >>. USA stands for United States of America.

Best Schools By State

Alabama Alaska
Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana
Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee
Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia
Washington Washington DC
West Virginia Wisconsin
Wyoming Puerto Rico


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