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According to naturegnosis, Franz Josef Land (Frans Jozefland, Franz Joseph Land) (Russian: (Russian: Земля Франца-Иосифа, Zemlja Frantsa Iosifa) is a Russian archipelago consisting of approximately 190 islands, located in the Arctic Ocean of Europe. The largest and most famous islands are: Alexandraland, Georg Island, Graham Bell Island, Hall Island, Northbrook, Rudolf Island and Wiener Neustadt Island Franz Josef Land is part of Russia Franz Josef Land has no capital because only researchers and a small primitive population live there.

Franz Josef Land is an almost uninhabited country. Only 2,250 people live there, mostly living on the island of Alexandraland. They live in a closed area and thus form a border area of ​​Russia. In addition, there are also researchers and some primitive groups who live mainly from fishing. The archipelago is accessible to tourists, but only by icebreaker. These usually depart from Helsinki (Finland) and take a few days to reach the archipelago. The organizer of the icebreaker tour provides the necessary papers to visit the islands. Not many people will visit these islands, but those who do will see an abundance of untouched nature. Impressive mountain areas, cliffs, glaciers and snow landscapes characterize the islands. Walruses live on the islands, seals, arctic foxes and polar bears. In addition, large numbers of seabirds come to hatch their eggs. See barblejewelry for flights accommodation and movement in Russia.

Where is Franz Josef Land?

Travel information of Franz Josef Land

Official name: Frans Jozefland
Continent: Europe
Area: 16,134 km²
Capital city:
Country code: RU, RUS
Population: 0 inhabitants
Form of government: Federal republic
Highest point: 620 m (Peak Parnass)
Distance (Amsterdam – Franz Josef Land): 3,605 km

Travel offer
At the moment there are no travel organizations that offer travel to Franz Josef Land.

Travel guides and maps
Are you looking for a travel guide, map, hiking map, cycling map, book or DVD about Franz Josef Land?

Weather and climate
Franz Josef Land has a polar climate. During the winter months the temperatures are around -15 degrees and during the summer months around 0 degrees.
The current weather forecast (weather forecast) of Franz Josef Land can be found on Myweather2.

Best time
May, June, July and August are the best months to travel to Franz Josef Land. In these months the temperatures are the most pleasant.

Russian is the official language in Franz Josef Land.
Would you like to translate from or into Russian for free? Use the Google translator for this.

Travel documents
You must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months upon departure from Franz Josef Land.
A visa is required. You can apply for this in person at the Russian Visa Center in Rotterdam or The Hague, after completing the visa form on (valid for 30 days).

Embassies and consulates
Below is an overview of relevant diplomatic representations, including addresses and contact details.
Netherlands Embassy in Russia:
Dutch consulates in Russia:
Russian Embassy and Consulates in the Netherlands:
For urgent assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 on +31247247247.

Vaccination (inoculation)
You do not need any vaccinations for a visit to Franz Josef Land.

Money and Currency
Because the small population of Franz Josef Land lives primitively, money is of no use here.
There are no facilities and therefore no ATMs.

Time difference
During our summer time it is 1 hour later in Franz Josef Land.
During our winter time it is 2 hours later in Franz Josef Land.
Franz Josef Land has no difference between winter time and summer time.
Find the local time, date and time zone for Franz Josef Land on our time difference page.

In Franz Josef Land you have to drive on the right.

In Franz Josef Land the same plugs and sockets are used as in the Netherlands.
More information about electricity in Franz Josef Land can be found on our electricity page.

Emergency services
If you need help from the police, fire brigade and/or ambulance in an emergency, you can use the emergency numbers below.
– Police: unknown
– Fire brigade: unknown
– Ambulance: unknown

Tap water
It is not recommended to drink water from the tap.
If you are unable to buy bottled water, use a water purifier to purify the water or boil the water for 5 minutes. After this you can safely use it as drinking water and for things like brushing teeth, cleaning lenses and washing vegetables and / or fruit. More information about drinking water and/or the purchase of water purification products can be found on our drinking water page.

News and newspapers
The latest news related to Franz Josef Land can be found on Google news.

Websites from Franz Josef Land end
Franz Josef Land has no official website.

The country code (international prefix) to call someone in Franz Josef Land is 007 or +7.
To call the Netherlands from Franz Josef Land, dial 8 (wait for dial tone) 1031.
(If using a country code, omit the first 0 of the number to be called.)

Photos and videos
On Flickr you will find a nice collection of photos of Franz Josef Land.
On Youtube you will find a nice collection of videos of Franz Josef Land.

An overview of all public holidays in Franz Josef Land can be found on

Nature and world heritage
An overview of the protected nature areas (including national parks, reserves and wildlife parks) in Franz Josef Land can be found on Protected Planet.
Franz Josef Land is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Customs rules
Do you want to know how much you are allowed to import and export when traveling to Franz Josef Land? On the IATA website you will find an overview with the maximum quantities of cigarettes, alcohol and money, among other things. If you stick to these quantities, you don’t have to declare anything to customs. In addition, on this website you will find the laws and regulations regarding the importation of pets and a list of everything that Franz Josef Land may not be imported and/or exported.

Relevant legislation
Below you will find relevant legislation and regulations that you may encounter during your visit to Franz Josef Land.
– Alcohol: Buy from the age of 16, drink at all ages.
– Alcohol and traffic: Maximum allowed alcohol content is 0.
– Tobacco: Buying and/or smoking from the age of 18.
– Smoking ban: In public places.
– Homosexuality: Not allowed. Imprisonment and/or fine.

Did you know that…
…Franz Josef Land has only been part of Russia since 1991?
…Cape Fligely on Rudolf Island is the northernmost point of land in Europe?
…Franz Josef Land is of volcanic origin?
…The lowest temperature ever recorded in Franz Josef Land was -48.9 °C?
…The pack ice north of Franz Josef Land never melts?

Franz Josef Land Flag PNG Image