Sochi, Krasnodar Region (Russia)

Sochi, Krasnodar Region (Russia)

The first settlements in the Sochi region appeared about 400 thousand years ago. Many archeological monuments have been found here: caves, open sites, settlements of ancient people, dolmens, ruins of fortresses and temples, burial grounds, burial mounds. More than 200 unique archeological monuments have been registered in Sochi.

Modern Sochi stretches along the eastern coast of the Black Sea for 145 km and for 40-50 km from the seashore to the Main Caucasian Range. The position of Sochi between the sea and the mountains has created very favorable climatic conditions here: mountain peaks cover the city from cold northern and eastern winds, and the sea warms the coast with warm, humid air. In addition, Sochi is the only resort where you can go skiing and swim in the sea at the same time.

According to, Sochi is a balneo-climatic resort of federal significance, where for more than 100 years many diseases have been treated using unique healing factors. It is fully part of the State Natural National Park, and part of it is part of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. The natural landscape of the Sochi Black Sea region, which includes mountain gorges, alpine lakes, turbulent rivers and waterfalls, is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Sochi consists of four districts: Lazarevsky, Central, Khostinsky and Adlersky.

Lazarevsky district is the northernmost district of Sochi. It is from here that the climatic zone of humid subtropics begins. Due to climatic features, many exotic plants grow in the parks of Lazarevsky: palm trees, magnolias, cypresses, eucalyptus trees, and the last roses bloom only in December. The beach in Lazarevsky is pebbly, up to 40 meters wide. Along the entire city beach on the promenade there are numerous eateries and restaurants with very high quality cuisine.

The central district is directly the resort city of Sochi. It is the sunniest region in the entire resort. The area is suitable for both family and youth recreation. The infrastructure is well developed here, there are all kinds of entertainment and recreation: concert halls, cinemas, restaurants, clubs, water parks, etc. However, during the holiday season, a large number of people accumulate here, which affects the price level.

Khostinsky district is the geographical center of the Russian subtropics. Summer here is milder than in Sochi, and winter is 1.2 oWith warmer temperatures, absolute humidity is lower. This area is most suitable for lovers of a quiet holiday. At the same time, the infrastructure is well developed. The beaches here are small-pebbled, in some places there is silver-gray sea sand. In its vicinity, the ruins of ancient temples, castles and fortresses have been preserved. In the Middle Ages, a large Genoese trading post was located here. In Khost there are many well-known well-appointed sanatoriums in Russia intended for the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system and the musculoskeletal system.

Adler district includes the city of Adler, the settlements of Krasnaya Polyana, Kepsha, Galitsino, Moldovka, Veseloe, etc. The area in the vicinity of Adler is rich in mineral waters and therapeutic mud. 39 km from Adler, in the valley of the Chvizhepse River, there is a source of carbonic arsenic-containing water, the so-called Sochi narzan. The Imereti Bay is rich in clayey silts, which are used for mud therapy in many sanatoriums of the resort. Adler is famous for its well-maintained small-pebble beach, warm sea, abundance of recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels and sanatoriums.

Vacationers in Sochi are offered many sightseeing routes – relict forests, rafting, jeeping, rafting, diving, sightseeing tours, boat trips, a dolphinarium, Arboretum, Riviera, Abkhazia, lake Ritsa, New Athos caves and monastery, dolmens, Tea House, trout farms.

All-Russian events are held in Sochi – the Kinotavr festival and the KVN tournament. The city lives a rich cultural life – exhibitions, festivals, various competitions, tours of stars are constantly held.

Susuman, Magadanskaya oblast’ (Russia)

The city of Susuman is located in the north-west of the Magadan region in the spurs of the Chersky ridge. It is the administrative center of the Susuman region.

Among the places of interest in the vicinity of Susuman, one can distinguish the valley of the Taskan River, where rare relict communities grow on limestone outcrops, the geological monument of nature Omulevsky and the region of the Chersky ridge, along which hiking trails are laid.

Sochi, Krasnodar Region (Russia)