IT Management Degrees

Information Technology (or IT) management merges computer technical expertise with business management. This type of management in a business includes managing computer assets, such as computer hardware, systems and personnel, as well as the basic management functions such as budgeting, organizing and staffing issues. Associate Degree An associate’s degree in IT management is available at […]


What is Upswing?

The upswing phase is an economic phase that is characterized by significant economic growth. This is easily perceived by rising numbers of orders and investments, an increasing utilization of capacity and a falling unemployment rate. The boom follows the upswing phase. The low phase ( depression ) precedes it. In this lesson we will explain […]


What is Microeconomics?

Microeconomics is a sub-area of economics that focuses on the investigation and analysis of the behavior of individual economic subjects. The classic sub-areas of microeconomics include household theory, production theory and price theory. Decision problems and coordination processes between the economic subjects, the necessity of which arises from a production process based on the division […]


What is Household?

In economics, the term household is understood to mean an economic variable that forms a uniform will and can act in a uniform manner. The number of members is irrelevant. There are different households in private and public forms. While private households are the focus of consideration for companies, economics is also dedicated to public […]

Types of Unemployment

What are Types of Unemployment?

The types of unemployment indicate what causes unemployment. In addition to voluntary and involuntary unemployment, the types of unemployment can be divided into the following four categories: frictional unemployment seasonal unemployment cyclical unemployment structural unemployment This lesson covers the types of unemployment. You will find out why it is important to differentiate between the individual […]