Wofford College Acceptance Rate, Average GPA, SAT and ACT Scores

Wofford College was founded in 1854 by the Reverend Benjamin Wofford, a Methodist minister. The college was established as a place of learning for the residents of Spartanburg, South Carolina, and surrounding areas. The original campus consisted of only six buildings: Main Hall, Old Main, The Chapel, The Recitation Hall, a boarding house, and a library. Over the years Wofford has grown to become one of the leading liberal arts schools in the nation. Today Wofford College is comprised of over 30 buildings across its picturesque campus.

The college has been home to several renowned alumni over the years including James F. Byrnes (Class of 1908), who served as Secretary of State under President Harry S Truman; Arthur B. Langford Jr., who served in both houses of Congress; and David Wofford (Class of 1965), former president and CEO of SunTrust Bank. In addition to having notable alumni, Wofford is also home to several nationally recognized programs including its pre-med program which ranks among the top 10 percent in the nation according to U.S News & World Report’s annual “Best Colleges” rankings. Additionally, Wofford offers an impressive selection of undergraduate programs ranging from business administration and engineering to art history and theater arts. See topschoolsintheusa for GRE test centers in Idaho.

The college’s commitment to providing quality education has resulted in numerous accolades over the years including being named one of only five “Great Schools at Great Prices” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine in 2013 and being ranked 11th among southern regional universities by U.S News & World Report’s 2017 edition “America’s Best Colleges.” In addition to these honors, Wofford was also recently ranked as one of America’s best colleges for veterans by Military Times magazine due to its generous financial aid packages for active duty military personnel and their families as well as its strong support services for veterans on campus.

Wofford College, as one of the top colleges ranked by major educational institutions, has impressed us by its high selectivity and student friendly application process during admissions. The following tables detail 2018 class profile, including total applications received, average high school GPA, SAT scores/ACT scores, and acceptance rates of Wofford College. To learn more about GPA, SAT and ACT scores information, please follow the links below. If you want to find even more about Wofford College, such as tuition fees and scholarships, you can click the link after tables to visit the school’s official website.

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Admissions Stats

Wofford College is a prestigious liberal arts college located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The college was founded in 1854, and is one of the oldest colleges in the state. The 2020 admissions cycle saw a total of 4,722 applications submitted. Of those applicants, 1,804 students were accepted for an acceptance rate of 38%. Of those accepted students, 39% were male and 61% were female. International students made up 6% of the student body for the 2020 admissions cycle. Wofford College also has a highly selective early decision program with an admission rate of 44%. In terms of academic profile, the mid-50% range for SAT scores was 1130-1320 and ACT Composite score range was 24-31. Additionally, the average GPA for admitted students was 3.6. Wofford College also offers a variety of merit scholarships that can be awarded to incoming freshmen based on their academic performance and extracurricular activities. Financial aid is available to qualifying students through grants, loans and work-study programs. Finally, Wofford College also offers a variety of study abroad opportunities to give their students an international experience that will help them become global citizens.

Fall 2022 Selectivity

Selectivity more selective
Fall 2022 acceptance rate 62%
Early decision acceptance rate 70%
Early action acceptance rate N/A
Acceptance rate (excluding early action and early decision students) 59%

Fall 2022 Applications, Acceptances & Enrollments

Applicants 2,595
Female applicants 1,290
Male applicants 1,305
Applicants accepted 1,607
Female applicants accepted 861
Male applicants accepted 746
Freshman enrollment 431
Female freshman enrollment 202
Male freshman enrollment 229
Early decision applicants 711
Early decision applicants accepted 498
Early decision applicants enrolled 212
Early action applicants N/A
Early action applicants accepted N/A
Early action applicants enrolled N/A
Total enrolled incoming freshmen who were accepted under early acceptance or early action 49%

Fall 2022 Wait List

School has a wait list Yes
Applicants placed on wait list 131
Students accepting place on wait list 49
Students accepted from wait list 8

Fall 2022 High School Rank

Freshman students submitting high school class standing 72%

Fall 2022 High School GPA

Freshman students submitting high school GPA 99%
Average high school GPA 3.6
High school GPA 25th-75th percentile range N/A
GPA breakdown N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman SAT Scores

Freshman students submitting SAT scores 51%
SAT Critical Reading average score 618
SAT Critical Reading 25th-75th percentile range 560-675
SAT Math average score 633
SAT Math 25th-75th percentile range: 590-680
SAT Writing average score N/A
SAT Writing 25th-75th percentile range 545-650
SAT Essay 25th-75th percentile range N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman ACT Scores

Freshman students submitting ACT scores 49%
Average ACT Composite score 26
ACT Composite 25th-75th percentile range 22-28
ACT English 25th-75th percentile range N/A
ACT English score breakdown N/A
ACT Math 25th-75th percentile range N/A
ACT Math score breakdown N/A