Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg, Canada

According to historyaah, Winnipeg is the 6th most important city in Canada and the main city of the province of Manitoba, picturesquely located at the confluence of the Assiniboine River in the Red River. Winnipeg got its name from the lake, which is located 40 miles from the center. Once upon a time, the Indians lived here, and it was they who gave the name to the lake, which sounded like “vin nipeg” – “dirty water”. Today it is a fairly large city with a population of just over 600,000 people.

Districts of Winnipeg

The city can be conditionally divided into two parts – the old Winnipeg, which is often called Forks, and the new city, which continues to be built and developed. And yet the most interesting place to visit is the old city. Forks can literally be translated as “fork”. It was at this place that in ancient times, the leaders of the tribes constantly met and solved all their problems (bury the ax of war, smoke tobacco, choose a new squaw for their tepee). Today, Forks is not just an old town. This is a place where a large number of various attractions are concentrated. It is here that you can walk for hours along the beautiful embankment of the Assiniboine River and imagine yourself almost as the same Indian who hurries to the tribal council.

According to homosociety, the climate of Winnipeg can be compared to the frosty and cold climate of Western Siberia. In winter, the temperature is kept at around -25… -30 ° C, in summer it is not uncommon for +30-degree heat.


There is an excellent market here, which no one has yet been able to pass by. The first floor of this market is occupied by the most ordinary grocery products, but on the second floor… The second floor is almost a real museum, where the works of many Winnipeg masters are presented. And although Winnipeg is still a city, but getting here, you begin to feel that it was not always a city. All kinds of figurines made of wood and clay, a lot of handicrafts made from a wide variety of materials, including paper, leather, fabrics. It is here, on the second floor of the Forks market, that you can buy a wonderful amulet or souvenir that will keep the spirit of the Canadian city and the smell of the maple leaf for a long time.

Entertainment and attractions in Winnipeg

Saint Boniface Church is a Catholic cathedral located in the Saint-Boniface quarter. The church appeared here a very long time ago – in 1818, and since that time it has been the most favorite place for locals and visitors to Winnipeg. But the Museum of St. Boniface is located in the oldest building in Winnipeg, and it is also worth a visit.

Winnipeg also has its own Concert Hall. This is the most visited building in the city. Not a single tourist left the city without visiting this building and without seeing a performance of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. This is the oldest ballet that exists in North America. The troupe was founded in 1939.

The Royal Ballet of Winnipeg also visited Russia with its performances, and was incredibly warmly received by the Russian audience.

There are many wonderful parks in the city, but Assiniboine Park, which stretches along the bed of the river of the same name, is considered the best. In addition, this is the largest park located in the city in all of Central Canada. And it is famous for the fact that it contains 50 bronze sculptures created by the skillful hands of local craftsmen.

It is in this park that there is a magnificent monument to Winnie the bear. It is believed that it is she who is the prototype of that same Winnie the Pooh from the fairy tale by Alexander Milne.

In the park you can go rollerblading or cycling, and in winter – snowboarding and tobogganing.

Another Winnipeg park, Mount Riding National Park, is also very popular. Here in the real prairies you can meet bears, bison, wolves and elks. All of them feel great and are practically not afraid of visitors at all.

Don’t miss the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which has over 10,000 works. No wonder this museum ranks as the 6th largest museum in all of Canada. Here you can also see the amazing work of the Eskimos, a collection of arts and crafts, a collection of photographs of old and new Winnipeg.

Rest actively in Winnipeg

For lovers of entertainment in Winnipeg, there are many beautiful places. For example, it was in Forks that the world’s longest skating rink was built. Well, how not to ride here, in the very place that is rightfully included in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition, here, almost very close to the skating rink, there is the Plaza Park – a paradise for skateboard lovers.

Winnipeg, Canada