Visa to Malaysia

Visa to Malaysia

Attention! According to a2zgov, entry to Malaysia is possible on a business visa, work visa and other types of visas after obtaining a special permit from the Malaysian Immigration Service. Entry into Malaysia for tourism purposes during the period of quarantine restrictions is prohibited.

The cost of the consultation service in the preparation of permits for visiting Malaysia and submission to the Malaysian consulate to consider the possibility of obtaining permission to enter Malaysia during the period of quarantine restrictions – 50 USD / person.

The price includes:
– Preliminary consultation on the list of documents, application procedures, preliminary assessment of the chances of obtaining a visa
– Assistance in collecting documents for submission, preparation of documents
– Sending documents to the consular department to obtain an entry permit

Citizens of Ukraine and other CIS countries do not need a visa to Malaysia if the period of stay does not exceed 30 days. In this case, you must have a foreign passport, the period of which is valid for at least 6 months.

At the border at the point of arrival, you must fill out an immigration card, it must be kept until leaving the country, and you must also pay $ 10 – a tax for entering the country.
The immigration card must indicate:
– Full name
– Date and place of birth
– Citizenship
– Profession
– Address of permanent residence
– Passport number and by whom issued

If the tourist is going to stay in the country for more than 30 days – a visa to Malaysia is required for Ukrainians.
Required documents:
– application form
– a valid foreign passport, the validity of which is at least 6 months. before entering the country
– 1 photo 3.5×4.5
– Certificate from work
– bank statement on the balance of money in the account + movement on the account for the last three months with a minimum amount of USD 1,000.00 in the account
– for children who have their own passport – 1 photo, OZP,
– redeemed round-trip ticket
– Hotel reservation for the entire period of stay in the country;
– visa is issued within 3 working days


Upon arrival at the airport, you need to follow the baggage claim icon.

At Kuala Lumpur Airport, following the sign you will not immediately get to the baggage claim. KLIA is a fairly large airport and planes are “parked” at the satellite terminal in the center of the airport. Automatic air trains without drivers called Aerotrain go from it to the main terminal. The sign will take you to the air train, consisting of 2 wagons, similar to subway cars, only a little smaller.

After 2 minutes of an automated ride, you are at the main airport building, and again continue on your way following the baggage claim sign:

Then, you get to the immigration control desks. There are many of these counters, some are only for Malaysian citizens, and the rest are for foreign citizens (Foreign Passport), you need to go to them. Malaysia is a visa free country and you will be promptly stamped in your passport stating that your stay is limited to 30 days. There is no need to pay for a visa, and there is no airport tax in Malaysia. Next, you will follow, again following the sign, and get your luggage.

Visa to Malaysia