Viña del Mar, Chile

Viña del Mar, Chile Travel Information

According to aceinland, Viña del Mar is one of the most popular Chilean resorts on the Pacific Ocean. Founded at the end of the 19th century, it was so fond of the bankers and powerful industrialists of Chile for its luxurious beaches that by the middle of the 20th century it had turned into a kind of “dacha village for its own.” It was considered good form to build a mansion or a palace here among the powers that be. Since then, Viña del Mar has been filled with sophisticated neighborhoods with fashionable estates, and its beaches have been filled with vacationers of all stripes.

Today Viña del Mar is actually a single entity with the city of Valparaiso. But if the second is a typical Chilean city, moderately dirty, insanely authentic and atmospheric, then Viña is still a resort: polished, decent, touristy. Which does not negate the beauty of its beaches, the quality of hotels and a lot of opportunities for a cool beach holiday.

How to get there

From the capital of the country by bus to Valparaiso, departure every 10-15 minutes (you can even choose a place). From there Viña del Mar can be reached by bus or skytrain in 15 minutes.

It is pleasant to walk around the resort itself both on foot and on funny public transport – horse-drawn trailers that run smoothly along Viña, carrying red-faced satisfied tourists.

History paragraph

According to itypetravel, Viña del Mar has a glorious history of existence since December 29, 1874, when the city’s founder, engineer José Francisco Vergara Echeversa, appreciated the local climate and coastline, deciding to create a garden city here.


Almost the entire coastline of Viña del Mar is first-class beaches, well-equipped and very clean. In the south of the resort, near the waterfront, the coastal strip begins with the Acapulco beach, and in the north – with the amazing El Norte. Among tourists, the beach “Kaleta-Abarka” is also popular, near which there are nice “Flower Clocks”. The Vergara promenade (which bears the name of the founder of the city) stretches along the entire surf line. It is full of hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and other entertainment for vacationers.

Attractions and attractions of Viña del Mar

It is no coincidence that Viña del Mar is called the garden city, all its streets are more like park alleles than a popular tourist center. Banana trees and palms with juicy emerald foliage accompany travelers everywhere, giving them a cozy shade on a hot day. But you can fully relax from the heat, and at the same time enrich yourself culturally, in one of the city’s museums. For example, in the Museum of Fine Arts, which is located in the Vergara Palace. Built on the orders of Blanca Vergara – the daughter of the same engineer – the founder of the city, this mansion certainly deserves a visit. Another attraction of Vigny is associated with this surname – namely the City Theater, which is located on Vergara Square.

The Vergara promenade (which bears the name of the founder of the city) stretches along the entire surf line. It is full of hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and other entertainment for vacationers.

It is worth visiting the Francisco Fonca Museum, which is dedicated to archeology and natural history. Here you can get acquainted with the historical heritage of Chile (jewelry and ceramics created by the tribes living here, clothing and footwear of the Indians).

Finally, it is worth paying attention to the cultural center of the resort – the former palace of the oligarch Carrasco (who, in fact, never lived there, but immediately gave it to the use of the city). Various exhibitions and concerts, conferences and even performances are held here. And here the luxurious library of Benjamin Vicuña Mackena has found shelter.

Festivals and events

Viña del Mar is also famous for its vibrant celebrations and events, among which the most famous are the Latin American Film Festival and the Fireworks and Fireworks Festival. The famous International Song Festival, which has been held every February since 1959, stands apart. On the stage of the Verger amphitheater (he again, yes, yes), not only local Chilean stars, but also maestro from all over the world perform. The sounds of salsa and reggae, rock and latino sound almost around the clock.

Viña del Mar, Chile