Vancouver Island University Review (28)

Vancouver Island University Review (28)

University: Vancouver Island University

City: Vancouver

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad


Studying at the VIU is characterized by a high proportion of international students. Many come from Asia. The campus is on a hill overlooking Nanaimo Harbor, the Strait of Georgia and the mountains beyond. Everything in Nanaimo and the surrounding area is accessible via public transportation. Check to see RMIT University Vietnam.

During my time at VIU I had taken 3 BBA courses. These were “International Marketing”, “Human Resource Management” and “Strategic Management Issues”. Since the enrollment process starts several weeks before the start of your studies, you should think about it personally and in connection with the German university in good time.

Human Resource Management:

This subject from the second year of study imparts basic content on the subject of personnel management. Theory X/Y, job descriptions, variable remuneration components and the right way to deal with employees is taught here. A simpler course in terms of difficulty, which is supported by group work and factual films. Tests are carried out with 2-3 term papers and 1 midterm and 1 final term. For everyone who has completed their basic studies in Germany, there is certainly one or two professional overlaps. Tip: Subject is interesting, less work-intensive and recommended for students of the 2-4 semester : Recommended (with restrictions)

International Marketing:

The subject International Marketing, from the third year of study, is an extensive, interesting and versatile subject. It was taught by Mr. Chuankarn, who emphasizes continuous study and participation in class. Multiple choice tests were regularly written about the content dealt with. The advantage here lies in the very close orientation to the required textbook. Nothing can happen to students who read the book and rework content in it. In addition to the multiple choice tests, there is group work followed by a presentation and an exam. The workload requirements are high, but the level of difficulty is average. The large proportion of international students from bsp. China, Africa and Europe have given the subject a pleasant flair.

Strategic Management Issues:

This subject from the fourth year of study conveys the strategic orientation of┬ácompanies and their position in relation to their competitors (competitive strategy) very clearly. The essential part lay in discussions about previously distributed case studies. The contents of the lessons flowed in at the same time. The core component was the analysis of a company from the region whose market situation was to be analyzed. The results were then presented and evaluated in the plenum. Further proof of performance was provided through oral cooperation and a midterm. For those who had “failed” the midterm, this grade could be revised by a final exam. Tip: English level is higher, work-intensive, interesting case studies, good lecturer: highly recommended.


During my time in British Columbia, Canada I lived with a host family. I had a furnished room with wifi. There is the possibility that you take advantage of the so-called homestay or peerstay program. Homestay means that you pay your host family a rent of about Pay 650CDN and you are fully catered for. In the case of peerstay, you pay a rent of about 450CDN and cater for yourself. I started with homestay at first, but switched to peerstay in the following months. So I made myself more independent from the rhythm of the family and cooked what I wanted. Another advantage of a host family is that they know the area and that you can go on excursions together. There is also more exchange in English. One must be aware that British Columbia has many families who attend church regularly and are therefore believers. Bringing the opposite sex into your own room is undesirable.

On-site support

The on-site support was arranged by the VIU and my host family.

Leisure excursion possibilities

British Columbia and specifically Vancouver Island offers a wealth of recreational activities. The VIU has a diverse program in its portfolio that you can enroll in. You should do this in good time because everything was fully booked within a few hours. The leisure activities range from basketball, volleyball, hockey and various dance courses to outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking and climbing. Also look at http: //

Do’s & Don’ts

Make use of the Writing Center. This supports students who wanted to improve their homework in terms of structure, organization and spelling. Fly from Nanaimo to Vancouver by seaplane. Ski Mount Washington or Whistler. Drinking alcohol in public (without a paper bag) is frowned upon, if not illegal. Hitchhiking is illegal.

Vancouver Island University Review (28)