Vancouver Island University Review (15)

Vancouver Island University Review (15)

University: Vancouver Island University

City: Nanaimo

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: tourism management

Study type: semester abroad

Application process

I decided relatively early on in favor of Canada and Vancouver Island University. The application process with MicroEdu is really very pleasant. If you apply in good time, the individual sections of the application are easy to complete and you get better chances for the coveted and limited subjects because you receive your access data earlier. In my case, there was a very high rush for the very interesting tourism subjects, which is why I’m very happy that I took care of it early enough. Katharina is really at your side with advice and action, which is why I can recommend the application process with MicroEdu with a clear conscience.┬áCheck to see Lakehead University.

Subjects of study

Since this is a semester abroad required by my home university, I had to choose at least 4 subjects. Enrollment is online. The allocation of the available places depends on any prerequisites, eg preliminary courses, and on the date of enrollment. (First Come, First Served) However, it is also possible to attend other courses in the first week of lectures and to change the choice of subjects accordingly. I took a total of 5 courses :

  • Adventure tourism
  • Entrepreneurship in Recreation and Tourism
  • Rural Development through Recreation and Tourism
  • Conference and event management
  • atmospheric environments;

Looking back, I’m really happy with my choice of subjects. In particular, the relaxed and rather friendly relationship with the professors was an interesting experience compared to Germany. Of course, 5 courses also means more work, but I still had enough time for other things. However, since I also lived on campus, my distances were a lot shorter and not as time-consuming. I would particularly like to highlight the Adventure Tourism course.The professor of the subject leads what is probably the most expensive course in the entire university. Lectures alternate with half-day field trips, and students have a say in what is done. So we went hiking, snorkeling with seals, kayaking and climbing. However, the places are in great demand and sell out quickly, so plan and apply early.


I applied through MicroEdu for a dormitory that was just a few steps from the classrooms. However, there are numerous other options. Many exchange students lived in shared flats or with host families. You can find enough advertisements on the Internet or locally. In order to get a place in the inexpensive dormitory, however, you should take care of it very early on, preferably immediately when submitting your application for the university. I really liked life in the dorm. I shared a bathroom with another exchange student. Otherwise there were only a few foreigners in my dormitory, which meant that I found a Canadian group of friends after just a few daysbuilt. The short distance to the campus is definitely positive, where there are plenty of opportunities to pass the time in addition to the hairdresser, fitness studio, subway, student pub, etc. Free shuttles to major supermarket chains are offered free of charge for dorm residents, so there’s no need to worry about that either.


The university and campus are really great. There is always something going on or being offered. Outdoor Rec is particularly interesting for discovering Canada and the nature of Vancouver Island. Surf trips, hikes, kayak trips, SUP, and much more are offered for dirt cheap prices, but the rush is often huge. Be sure to take care of this in good time. There is a date at the beginning of the semester when online registrations begin, be sure to register immediately for anything that sounds interesting. If you don’t want to take part in the end, there is always someone who is happy to take the place. There are also weekly courses such as aerobics, boxing, basketball, volleyball and much more. When it comes to sports and experience Vancouver Island, you really can’t buy the guts from the VIU.


My semester at the VIU was a complete success in every respect. I learned a lot and was able to take interesting courses that probably would not have existed in Germany. I have never missed out on outdoor activities, whether organized by Outdoor Rec or privately, and I recommend it to everyone because the prices are really unbeatable. Nanaimo is a really nice little town right on the water. Vancouver Island is by far one of the most impressive landscapes I have ever experienced. Especially those who love nature and like to combine this with sports of any kind are in the right place here. In terms of price, Canada is certainly not the cheapest place, but you can get along well here if you don’t necessarily have to adopt all the customs from Germany. Of course, time flies way too quickly, of course, so you really should pack anything that sounds interesting, and Vancouver Island has plenty of those.


  1. Apply early and start preparing pays off!
  2. Immerse yourself in Canadian culture and stay away from the many small groups of mostly German students.
  3. Register in advance with Outdoor Rec for excursions and activities.
  4. Discover Nanaimo and Vancouver Island.
  5. Hike the Pacific and Eat Salmon!

Vancouver Island University Review (15)