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Valparaiso, Chile Travel Information

According to itypeauto, Chile’s Valparaiso is a vivid illustration of the country’s rebellious spirit. It is called the city of sailors and poets. Here, in the port, hard workers repair ships, students flirt with girls on the embankment, and in bars, regulars remember the good old days and quote the lines of Pablo Neruda.

Valparaiso is called the “Pearl of the Pacific”. This name is organically combined with another – “paradise valley”. This is how the locals feel about the city. Tourists quickly fall under the charm of Valparaiso and already on the third day they are looking for permanent housing.

How to get there

The city is located 100 kilometers from the capital of Chile, Santiago. It is the second largest port in the country, as well as a naval base. Valparaiso does not have its own airport, the nearest one is just in the capital.

You can get from Santiago either by car or by bus, which leaves every 15 minutes. You will spend 2 hours on the road, the cost of the trip is about 6 thousand pesos.


There are not many cities in the world where funiculars are one of the modes of transport. Valparaiso is located on the hills, where without the help of these machines it is impossible to climb. There are 15 funiculars in the city. And only 5 of them are municipal. Each of the lifts has its own name so that guests can better navigate the routes.

Also, the city has a developed trolleybus network, minibuses run, and taxi drivers pick up those who are especially hasty.

Taxi cars are especially liked by tourists from the countries of the former USSR. Imagine: you call a car, and “Lada” with “checkers” fly up to you.

In addition, Valparaiso has a subway – the subway appeared in the city at the end of the 19th century. It has 20 stations, which are located on one line with a length of 43 kilometers. And only 4 stations are located underground. You can pay in the metro only with contactless cards. The fare depends on the time of day and the length of the journey. Children under 1 meter tall can travel for free.

The beaches of Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a great place to relax. The city has a mild climate, palm trees, banana trees, parks and many, many palm trees. Tourists have fun on the sandy beaches: they play volleyball, ride boats, build sand figures. Popular beaches in the region are Viña del Mar, Zapallar, Cartagena, Hanga Roa, Valparaíso, El Quisco.

Cuisine, restaurants

Most of the restaurants are located on a hill, offering a wonderful view of the city and the bay. In catering establishments, local cuisine prevails, service is top notch, fast and tactful.

Some restaurants are almost 100 years old. These are not particularly noticeable establishments, but it is here that you should look in order to feel the spirit of Chile, seasoned with hot spices. Basically, the menu consists of fish and meat dishes. In such places it is interesting to talk with the waiters, listen to stories about the city and the life of the natives.

The best way to end a gastronomic holiday is with a good Cuban cigar. In Chile, they know a lot about them.

Valparaiso Hotels

In Valparaiso, the cost of hotel accommodation is affected by its distance from the funicular. Hotels write like this: “So many meters to the ski lift.”

Many hotels are located in restored buildings built at the end of the 19th century. The range of services is standard, in this regard, Valparaiso cannot boast of anything. There are no problems with free internet, parking and excursion programs.

The average cost of living in hotels 3 “stars” – from 1800 rubles, 4 “stars” start from 2.5 thousand rubles. By the way, you can find cheaper hotels in the city. True, they somehow look like a hostel both in terms of the level of services and in appearance. But the cost of living is within only 1 thousand rubles per night.

The shops

The busiest market place in Valparaiso is the large market at Muelle Prat Pier. Here you can really buy anything, from socks to a vest, from an oil lamp to a bicycle. See sunglasseswill for South America economy.

As for souvenirs, most often tourists buy handmade items. In shops with original products, you can buy bags, hats, sandals, notebooks, pins and much more.

2 things to do in Valparaiso

  1. Attend a concert in Aix-Karkel Park – various festivals are often held here. This place is also known thanks to the artists who literally spend the night in the park. You can order a portrait for yourself, which will be ready in a matter of minutes.
  2. Take a ride on all the lifts – there are only 15 of them, so you can manage in a day. Some lifts are over 100 years old, but they are still strong. The oldest is called Concepción, which means “conception” in Spanish.

Attractions and attractions of Valparaiso

Here is a list of the city’s must-see attractions on your first visit to Valparaiso.


Valparaiso is the center of education in Chile. Many universities operate here, including such well-known ones as the Catholic and Technical Universities, the Naval Academy, and the Conservatory. Young people from other countries come to Chile for knowledge. And it seems that there is nothing better than studying in such a fertile place as Valparaiso – where students have the sea, beaches, bars and witty teachers.

Museum of Frescoes of Cielo Abrierto

This is a kind of open-air museum. There are 20 colored frescoes on the hill, the authors of which are students of the Catholic University of the Arts. They just wanted to make their city brighter and more fun and came up with such an exhibition. You can get to the museum on the Espiritu Santo lift, which is located near Victoria Square.

Valparaiso is called the “Pearl of the Pacific”. This name is organically combined with another – “paradise valley”. This is how the locals feel about the city.

House of Pablo Neruda

The museum of the poet is located in the estate of La Sebastian. Here Neruda was very fond of celebrating the New Year and looking at the cheerful inhabitants of the city. Near the house there is a souvenir workshop, exhibitions of local artists are held, cafes are open where you can relax and listen to the poems of the great poet.

Lord Cochrane Maritime Museum

This museum is a tribute to Lord Cochrane, who founded the Chilean Navy. He is located on Sotomayor Square and has taken an astronomical observatory under his wing. Exhibitions are held here periodically and the patio offers beautiful views of the harbour.

Sotomayor Square

This is the sea heart of the city – this is how the locals speak about the square. Above it rises the color building of the Naval Command. In the center of the square there is a monument to the heroes of Iquique, and under it is a mausoleum in which the remains of sailors lie.

Hill of the Immaculate Conception

Of course, the virgin Mary did not conceive her child on this hill, but it is in honor of this event that the hill is named. On the hill are houses with colorful roofs and wrought-iron fences. This is a typical Valparaiso, where you can just walk and look at the city from a height.

Valparaiso, Chile