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Usedom (Polish: Uznam) is an island in the Baltic Sea (Europe). Most of Usedom belongs to Germany (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). The eastern part of the island belongs to Poland (Western Pomerania). The capital of the German part is Usedom of the same name. The capital of the Polish part is Świnoujście. A number of large cities on Usedom are: Karlshagen, Trassenheide, Zinnowitz, Herringsdorf, Zempin and Koserow.

Usedom is located northeast of the German mainland between the German island of Rügen and the Polish island of Wolin. Usedom is connected to the German and Polish mainland by a number of drawbridges. Usedom mainly attracts tourists from Germany and Poland, because of the climate. Usedom is known as one of the sunniest regions in both Germany and Poland. On the island you will find a multitude of seaside resorts on the extensive sandy beaches. In addition to the beaches, Usedom is known for its freshwater lakes, the Ahlbeck pier, the Usedom nature reserve and the town of Peenemünde. During World War II, weapons such as the V-1 and V-2 were secretly tested in Peenemünde. See bridgat for other cities and countries as well as climate and weather in Europe.

Where is Usedom located?

Travel information of Usedom

Official name: Usedom
Continent: Europe
Area: 445 km² (Germany 373 km², Poland 72 km²)
Capital: Usedom (Germany), Świnoujście (Poland)
Population: 76,500 inhabitants (Germany 31,500, Poland 45,000)
Highest point: 69 m (Golm)
Distance (Amsterdam – Usedom): 640 km
Flight time: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes (Berlin)

Travel advice
Current status: No special security risks.
More information about this travel advice can be found on the Netherlands worldwide.
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), (temporary) measures may apply in Germany and Poland that you as a tourist may have to deal with. For the most up-to-date corona travel advice, please refer to our special coronavirus travel advice page.
For the number of current corona infections, number of deaths and various corona-related graphs for Germany, please visit Countryaah and for Poland, Countryaah.

Best time
May, June, July, August and September are the best months to travel to Usedom. In these months you have the best chance of summer temperatures.

Travel offer
At the moment there are no travel organizations that offer travel to Usedom. If you want to put together your own trip or are looking for separate travel components such as hotels, airline tickets and a rental car, please visit our travel offer page.

Weather and climate
Usedom has a temperate climate. In the summer the temperatures are around 20 to 25 degrees and in the winter around 0 to 5 degrees.
The current weather (weather forecast) and a weather forecast for Usedom can be found on our extensive weather page.

On the German part of Usedom, German is the official language.
On the Polish part of Usedom, Polish is the official language.
Would you like to translate from or into German and/or Polish for free? Use the Google translator for this.

Travel documents
You must have a valid identity card or passport.
A visa is not necessary.

Embassies and consulates
More information about embassies and consulates for Usedom can be found on the information page of Germany and/or Poland.
For urgent assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 on +31247247247.

Vaccination (inoculation)
You do not need any vaccinations for a visit to Usedom.

Money and Currency Affairs
There are several currencies on Usedom:
– Germany: Euro (EUR).
– Poland: Polish zloty (PLN).
The current state of these currencies (currency, currency) can be found on our exchange rate page.
An overview of all ATMs on Usedom can be found on our ATMs page.

Time difference
There is no time difference with the Netherlands.
Summer time on Usedom is the same as in the Netherlands.
The local time, date and time zone of Usedom can be found on our time difference page.

Traffic and route
On Usedom you have to drive on the right.
You do not need an international driver’s license to drive and/or rent a motor vehicle in Usedom.
With the Google route planner you can compile a route description from, to or within Usedom.

On Usedom the same plugs and sockets are used as in the Netherlands.
More information about electricity on Usedom can be found on our electricity page.

Emergency services
If you need help from the police, fire brigade and/or ambulance in an emergency, you can use the emergency numbers below.
– Police: 112
– Fire: 112
– Ambulance: 112

Tap water
Tap water is safe to drink.

News and newspapers
The latest news related to Usedom can be found on Google news.
Newspapers from the German part of Usedom can be found on Abzynewslinks.
Newspapers from the Polish part of Usedom can be found on Abzynewslinks.

Websites from Usedom end (Germany) (Poland).
Usedom official websites: and

The country code (international access number) to call someone on Usedom is 0049 or +49 for the German part and 0048 or +48 for the Polish part.
Do you want to call the Netherlands from Usedom? Then use the Dutch country code 0031 or +31.
(If using a country code, omit the leading 0 of the number to be called.)

Photos and videos
On Flickr you will find a nice collection of photos of Usedom.
On Youtube you will find a nice collection of videos from Usedom.

Public holidays and school holidays
An overview of all public holidays in Germany can be found on
An overview of all public holidays in Poland can be found on
You will find an overview of all school holidays on Usedom in the Eurydice school guide.

Travel guides and maps
Are you looking for a travel guide, map, hiking map, cycling map, book or DVD about Usedom?

Reviews and travel experiences
On Zoover you will find reviews from travelers about accommodations (hotel, camping, etc.) and destinations on Usedom, supplemented with photos, videos and points of interest.

Are you looking for a travelogue about Usedom?
Here you will find travel reports and experiences of travelers who have previously visited Usedom. It is also possible to keep a free diary of your trip for family and/or friends.

Nature and World Heritage
An overview of the protected nature areas (including national parks, reserves and wildlife parks) on Usedom can be found on Protected Planet.
Usedom is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Relevant legislation
More information about relevant legislation can be found on the information page for Germany and/or Poland.

Did you know that…
…Er Usedom was a missile testing ground during World War II?
…Usedom can be reached by car via two drawbridges?
…Poland is going to connect mainland Poland to Usedom with a tunnel?

Usedom Flag PNG Image