USA Country Information

USA Country Information

The United States of America includes 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii. Also subordinate to or associated with the US government are Puerto Rico and some of the Virgin Islands as well as Guam and American Samoa in the Pacific.

The United States comprises about 40 percent of the territory of North America. In terms of area, they are the third largest country in the world. The north-south extension is around 2,500 km, and the extension between the Atlantic and Pacific about 4,500 km. The country is divided into four time zones (plus those of Alaska and Hawaii). Visit for Hawaii travel package.

The largest cities in the United States as of 2020 are: New York City (8,323,340), Los Angeles (4,015,940), Chicago (2,694,240), Houston (2,340,890). Hawaii is 3,682 km from Flumeville, California and forms a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean with 137 islands.


Studying in the USA is popular with many German students. In the USA there are the following different categories for public and private universities: Community Colleges, Colleges, Universities and Institutes (here is more information about the admission requirements). There are several advantages to having professional help with the recording process.

Community colleges offer a two-year training course and primarily impart professional knowledge. As a degree, you either receive an “Associate Degree” in the academic branch or a vocational training certificate in the professional branch. The “Associate Degree” is not recognized in Germany. However, the “Associate Degree” can be credited towards a four-year undergraduate degree at universities or colleges.

Colleges offer a first professional qualification in around 4 years: the Bachelor’s degree. In the first two years there is a broad general course (English, natural sciences, social sciences, as well as basic courses in the chosen subject area), which is called the “Lower Division”. This is followed by the “Upper Division” with a specialization in the respective field. This course is also known as “Undergraduate Studies”.

Universities also offer undergraduate studies up to a bachelor’s degree, but also graduate studies up to a master’s or doctoral degree.

Institutes are technical universities (e.g. Institute of Technology), departments (e.g. Institute of English) or advanced training courses (e.g. Summer Institute of English Education).


The US dollar is one of the oldest currencies in the world. The abbreviation on the stock exchange is USD.

Lately, the economic “horror reports” within the EU and in the USA have repeatedly led to strong exchange rate fluctuations.

The subdivision of the local currency is as follows:

1USD = 10 dime = 100 cents (¢)

Credit cards and tax

Basically everything is paid for with the card, even if it only costs 99 cents.

It takes getting used to the tax that is added to the price shown when buying. This tax varies from state to state.

Measure Units

For many Europeans, the units of measurement are not familiar in the United States. Therefore, the following is an overview with the corresponding conversion values.


grain = 0.065 grams
pound = 0.454 kilograms
ounce = 28.35 grams
quarter = 12.701 kilograms
ton = 907.185 kilograms
stone = 6.35 kilograms

Temperature units

Conversion formula from Fahrenheit to Celsius:
° Fahrenheit – 32 x 5: 9 | z. E.g.: 85 ° F – 32 = 53 | 53 x 5 = 265 | 265: 9 = 29.4 ° C

Conversion formula from Celsius to Fahrenheit:
° Celsius x 9: 5 + 32 | z. E.g.: 20 ° C x 9 = 180 | 180: 5 = 36 | 36 + 32 = 68 ° F

Length, area and hollow dimensions

Length measurements

mile = 1.609 kilometers
yard = 0.915 meters
foot = 30.48 centimeters
inch = 2.54 centimeters

Area dimensions

square mile = 258.998 ha
square yard = 8361.26 cm2
square foot = 929.029 cm2
square inch = 6.452 cm2
acre = 40.47 a

Measure of capacity

cubic yard = 0.028 liter
cubic foot = 0.765 liter
register ton = 2.832 liter
gallon = 3.785 liter
barrel = 119.228 liter
quart = 0.94 liter
pint = 0.47 liter
fluid ounce (fl.oz.) = 0.03 liter

USA time zones

The 6 time zones

Due to the size of the country and the two areas outside of the 48 federal states, the USA has several time zones.

The following are the 6 time zones in the United States based on Central European Time (CET). The summer times are not specified here.

EST = Eastern Standard Time = – 6 h
CST = Central Standard Time = – 7 h
MST = Mountain Standard Time = – 8 h
PST = Pacific Standard Time = – 9 h
AKST = Alaska Standard Time = – 10 h
HST = Hawaiian Standard Time = – 11 h

The map below shows the 6 different time zones in the United States of America.

USA Country Information