University of North Dakota Acceptance Rate, Average GPA, SAT and ACT Scores

The University of North Dakota was established in 1883, as a result of the Morrill Act. It was the first university to be established in the Dakota Territory and was located in Grand Forks. Initially, it only offered a few courses such as agriculture, mechanical arts, and science. However, over the years its curriculum has expanded to include more than 225 degree programs.

In 1915, UND became the first university in the nation to offer an aviation-based curriculum. This led to its establishment of one of the oldest collegiate aviation programs in America. In addition to this, UND has also been involved with many other innovative projects over the years such as its research into unmanned aerial vehicles and space exploration technologies. Through its research initiatives, UND has contributed significantly towards advancing scientific knowledge and technological advancement in North Dakota and beyond. Check percomputer for information about Arturo Jauretche National University.

UND is also well known for its outstanding athletic program which includes NCAA Division I teams competing in various sports like hockey, basketball and football. The University’s athletic teams have achieved great success over the years with numerous national championships won by their athletes. In addition to this, UND’s campus is home to several cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries and performing arts centers which give students an opportunity to explore their creative sides outside of academics.

University of North Dakota, as one of the top colleges ranked by major educational institutions, has impressed us by its high selectivity and student friendly application process during admissions. The following tables detail 2018 class profile, including total applications received, average high school GPA, SAT scores/ACT scores, and acceptance rates of University of North Dakota. To learn more about GPA, SAT and ACT scores information, please follow the links below. If you want to find even more about University of North Dakota, such as tuition fees and scholarships, you can click the link after tables to visit the school’s official website.

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Admissions Stats

The University of North Dakota is an accredited university located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It has a total enrollment of 15,639 students, with 12,156 undergraduates and 3,483 graduate students. The student-faculty ratio is 18:1 and the acceptance rate for the fall 2019 semester was 80%. In addition to the traditional undergraduate programs, UND also offers a variety of professional degree programs such as business administration and nursing. The university also has a number of interdisciplinary programs that allow students to combine multiple disciplines into one degree program. The most popular majors at UND are psychology, business administration, accounting, English literature, and biology. In terms of gender distribution among the student body at UND, 52% are female and 48% are male. Additionally, 74% of students come from out-of-state locations while 26% are from in-state locations. Of the total student population at UND, 7% identify as African American or Black; 6% identify as Hispanic/Latinx; 4% identify as Asian/Pacific Islander; 0.5% identify as Native American/Alaska Native; 9% identify as two or more races; and 5% identify as international students from over 90 countries across the globe.

Fall 2022 Selectivity

Selectivity selective
Fall 2022 acceptance rate 70%
Early decision acceptance rate N/A
Early action acceptance rate N/A
Acceptance rate (excluding early action and early decision students) 70%

Fall 2022 Applications, Acceptances & Enrollments

Applicants 4,796
Female applicants 2,221
Male applicants 2,575
Applicants accepted 3,357
Female applicants accepted 1,555
Male applicants accepted 1,802
Freshman enrollment 2,096
Female freshman enrollment 986
Male freshman enrollment 1,110
Early decision applicants N/A
Early decision applicants accepted N/A
Early decision applicants enrolled N/A
Early action applicants N/A
Early action applicants accepted N/A
Early action applicants enrolled N/A
Total enrolled incoming freshmen who were accepted under early acceptance or early action N/A

Fall 2022 Wait List

School has a wait list No
Applicants placed on wait list N/A
Students accepting place on wait list N/A
Students accepted from wait list N/A

Fall 2022 High School Rank

Freshman students submitting high school class standing 76%

Fall 2022 High School GPA

Freshman students submitting high school GPA 95%
Average high school GPA 3.4
High school GPA 25th-75th percentile range 3-3.8

Fall 2022 Freshman SAT Scores

Freshman students submitting SAT scores N/A
SAT Critical Reading average score N/A
SAT Critical Reading 25th-75th percentile range N/A
SAT Critical Reading score breakdown N/A
SAT Math average score N/A
SAT Math 25th-75th percentile range: N/A
SAT Math score breakdown N/A
SAT Writing average score N/A
SAT Writing 25th-75th percentile range N/A
SAT Essay 25th-75th percentile range N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman ACT Scores

Freshman students submitting ACT scores 93%
Average ACT Composite score 23
ACT Composite 25th-75th percentile range 21-26
ACT English 25th-75th percentile range 20-26
ACT Math 25th-75th percentile range 20-25