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Ireland is a fairly popular destination for tourist visits, and this is not surprising, because the postcards of this beautiful country in many ways lose to the landscapes seen with one’s own eyes. But Ireland is even more popular among foreigners for education – secondary, higher, as well as for passing a variety of educational programs and courses. And this, too, should not be surprising, because Irish education is in no way inferior to the education of England and many other countries, and the country’s universities are among the best in the world.┬áSee for information about University of Magdeburg Germany.

The entire system of higher education in Ireland consists of three parts. These are directly universities, institutes of technology, as well as colleges – private and public. Universities offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as doctoral studies – these are mostly independent scientific research and subsequent defense of their work. In addition, various programs and courses are available at universities, after which diplomas, certificates and certificates are issued.

Irish education is in no way inferior to education in England and many other countries, and the country’s universities are among the best in the world.

The most important distinguishing feature of Irish universities is that studying in them makes it possible to devote oneself completely to science. That is, in fact, university students in this country receive education for the most part not for the practical application of the acquired knowledge, but for further improvement and new scientific discoveries. Universities in Ireland are well-equipped research centers. But technological institutes provide more practical knowledge, focused on the modern needs of industry.

The name “Irish National University” refers to the union of universities in Ireland – 4 founding universities and 5 colleges.

Universities include the University of Dublin, City University Dublin, the University of Limerick, and the National University of Ireland with offices in Dublin, Maynooth, Galway and Cork. For universities and colleges (Royal College of Surgeons, Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Institute of Public Administration, National College of Art and Design, Shannon College of Hospitality Management), which are part of the National University of Ireland, there is a common structure of ten faculties.

Among the popular (and also all over the world) specialties such as law, sociology, engineering, Celtic disciplines are also studied at the National University of Ireland.

When choosing a higher education institution in Ireland, you should first of all decide what specialty you need. Remember, not all universities are located in Dublin (there are only four). You can also study in other cities of this picturesque country – in particular, in Limerick, Cork, Galway, etc. Living here will be much calmer if the student is going to really devote himself to science – this is the best option.

But if you are going to plunge headlong into the bustling and noisy life of the capital of Ireland, go to Dublin. Here you will find the Dublin branch of the National University of Ireland, Dublin City University, simply Dublin University (one of the oldest in the country) or Dublin University College.

Irish National University Galway

Irish National University in Galway (Ireland) – detailed description, address, opening hours, how to get there. Information about curricula and courses, reviews.

The city of Galway in the west of Ireland is the administrative center of the county of the same name. The history of the city dates back to the 12th century. In terms of territory, it is the fifth city in the country, an important seaport and educational center. In terms of education, the city is known primarily for its higher education institution – the National University in Galway, which has repeatedly been awarded the title of University of the Year in Ireland.

The University of Galway belongs to the Union of Irish National Universities, which in addition to it includes the University of Dublin, Dublin City University, the University of Limerick, as well as the National University of Ireland with subdivisions in the cities of Dublin, Maynooth and Cork. The university has the best employment rates among all Irish universities – about 99% of graduates can count on a good job after receiving a diploma. At the same time, every tenth university student enters here immediately after school, that is, he does not have any special academic training or work experience in his specialty.

The history of the university dates back to 1849, when King’s College was founded. In 1908, it was renamed University College, and a hundred years later, in 1997, it received the status of a university. Today the university is considered one of the best in Ireland and provides education in 7 faculties. Interestingly, in addition to faculties and specialties popular in many countries, such as economics or law, many students enter Galway to study Celtic anthropology – there is a separate faculty for this.

National University Galway has the best job placement rates of all Irish universities – about 99% of graduates can count on a good job after graduation.

Over the past 6 years, the number of students enrolled at the University of Galway has increased by 55%, while few students leave its walls without finishing their studies and without receiving at least a bachelor’s degree. And many stay here to continue their studies in the magistracy and doctoral studies.

According to graduates of the University of Galway, it is precisely the interesting and eventful student life that is one of the factors why students do not leave the university.

2,500 people are accepted for the first year at the university, and all of them are provided with accommodation in student residences. Each group of freshmen is assigned a mentor-teacher – the so-called academic parent, and in addition, for every 10 newcomers, one senior student is allocated who will help them in matters of education and life.

The university is located in the central part of the city, close to the most picturesque architectural sights of Galway. The academic buildings and the student residence occupy a vast territory with an abundance of green spaces. There is an international airport 10 km east of Galway, where flights from Dublin, London and other European cities arrive.

Address: Galway, University Road. Phone +353 91-52-44-11.

Irish National University Galway