Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

According to iamhigher, Toronto (meaning “meeting place” in the Huron language) is the capital of the province of Ontario, the country’s largest city, and the cultural capital of English-speaking Canada. Here, huge skyscrapers of banks and offices meet the greenery of dozens of parks where squirrels live freely and locals have picnics.

How to get there

Toronto has an international airport, Pearson, which is 32 km from the city center. Transaero flies from Russia to Toronto from Moscow (Domodedovo, 2 times a week).

There are several ways to get from Pearson to downtown Toronto:

  • cheap and long – city bus number 192 Airport Rocket, which departs from Terminals 1 and 3 every 10-30 minutes, the final one is the Kipling Station metro station. Or bus number 58A Malton, the final one is the Lawrence West Station metro station. The fare is approximately 4 CAD (includes bus and subway fares). Travel time is 1-1.5 hours.
  • more expensive – GO Transit buses that run to the suburbs of Toronto for 4 CAD (subway fare is not included in the ticket price).
  • more expensive and faster – the Pacific Western Airport Express, departing from terminals 1 and 3 every 20-30 minutes. Stops at major Toronto hotels, as well as Union Station and Bay terminal. Fare – 23.95 CAD one way, round trip – 39.95 CAD. Travel time is from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on traffic.
  • The fastest and most convenient way is a taxi. Cost – 128-148 CAD. Travel time is about 45 minutes.

Toronto also has a central airport, Toronto City Center Airport, known as the “airport on the island”. The low-cost Porter Airlines is based here and flies to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and St. John’s, as well as Boston, Chicago and New York. This airport is only 10 minutes sailing (121 m) from the center. A free ferry connects the airport with land, runs every 15 minutes.

You can also get to the city by train: From Union Station (65 Front Street), trains depart along the following routes:

  • Corridor is the most significant and busiest segment of the Canadian railway; starts in Windsor and Sarnia, ends in Quebec. Regular trains run to Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Windsor and Sarnia.
  • Maple Leaf (“maple leaf”) – this route connects Toronto with New York, runs once a day, very slow and expensive trains.
  • The Canadian is the most expensive train journey in all of North America. Route: Toronto – Vancouver (journey time – 3 days), departure – 3 times a week with stops in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jesper and Kamloops.
  • Ontario Northland (“Northern Land of Ontario”) – trains departing for sparsely populated areas in northern Ontario. They go from Toronto to Cochran 6 times a week.
  • Commuter trains GO Transit mostly run only during peak traffic; at other times they are replaced by buses.

Airports in Toronto

According to mysteryaround, Toronto Pearson International Airport, located just 30-50 minutes from downtown, is served by most major international carriers. And the airport has 2 terminals: Terminal 1, where Air Canada and some other international airlines (mostly Star Alliance members) are based, and Terminal 3, where all other airlines are based.

Airport them. Willie Bishop (known locally as the “island airport”) serves short-haul regional flights. The main tenant of the airport is low-cost Porter Airlines, which operates turboprop flights to many cities in eastern Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and St. John’s) and the northeastern United States (Boston, Chicago, New York / Newark and Myrtle Beach). One of the main advantages of the airport is its proximity to the city center.

Hamilton/John S. Monroe International Airport, located 65 km from downtown Toronto, is served by WestJet and CanJet and is the second largest after Pearson.

Popular hotels in Toronto

Universities of Toronto

In the top three in the country is Canada’s largest University of Toronto, whose campuses are scattered throughout the city. And the third largest in Canada is York University, located on the northern border of Toronto, which is perhaps its only drawback.

Ryerson University, located in the heart of Toronto, is the third in Toronto and is especially known for its school of management as well as journalism programs.

The Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto is one of four institutions of higher education in Canada that offer bachelor’s degrees in applied arts and design.

Seneca College is the largest college in Canada with students studying in more than 16 buildings located throughout Toronto.

Other colleges worth noting are the George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology and the Humber Polytechnic College, which offers over 150 degree programs.

Entertainment and attractions in Toronto

The most interesting places in the city are the entertainment complex on Ontario Square, Hyde Park and Queen Elizabeth Park, the picturesque Toronto Islands Park on Lake Ontario and the symbol of the city – the 553-meter CN Tower.

Worth seeing is Casa Loma, an eccentric 96-room castle house built by banker Henry Pellat in 1914. Other attractions include Old Fort York, Spadin Castle, Fort George, the Algonquin Wildlife Refuge, the Maple Syrup Museum, and the famous Niagara Falls, which is only a 100 km south of the city.

The city has many restaurants and nightclubs, mainly concentrated in the area of ​​Yonge, Bloor and University streets, as well as Yorkville and Beeches quarter.

  • What are the tours in Toronto


There are a lot of them: the art center, the Royal Ontario Museum (the largest museum in Canada), the Henry Moore Center, the Museum of Ceramics, the McMichael Museum of Canadian Art (45 minutes from Toronto).

Weather in Toronto

Toronto has relatively mild winters, with an average January temperature of -4°C. Snow usually lasts from late December to early March. Summer is very warm, with high air humidity, and frequent but short thunderstorms and showers. The temperature in July during the day averages +27 °C, but often the sweltering heat stays above +35 °C for weeks at a time. The best time to visit is late spring and early autumn.

Toronto, Canada