TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication

TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication

The TOEIC is a language test that evaluates listening, reading and grammar skills in international business English and carries out the relevant certifications. While the TOEFL test awards language certificates for the academic field according to etaizhou, the TOEIC is used in the field of “professional English”. It is now a standard measure of English proficiency in the workplace and the largest existing English language testing program, conducted by over 4.5 million participants annually.

The TOEIC test has existed since 1979. The test was designed in the USA by the Center for Psychometry ETS (Educational Testing Service). The test is aimed primarily at people who use English in a professional context and who need a language certificate to document their English skills. This exam is also recommended for those who apply to international companies. Most global corporations and more than 5,000 international companies rely on TOEIC when it comes to assessing the language skills of their employees in English, undertaking further training measures and determining the English level required for the given job.

How is the test structured?

When the TOEIC language test is mentioned, the standard test primarily relates to the components listening and reading . These two areas consist of 200 multiple-choice questions, the total duration of the test is approx. 2 hours. It includes:

  • 100 questions to determine listening comprehension (an audio device is used)
  • 100 questions to determine reading comprehension

Evaluation of the test results

The respective components of listening and reading are assessed separately. The number of points to be achieved in each case is between 5 and 495 points, so the range of the total number of points is between 10 and 990 points. The questions are based on authentic situations in everyday working life (meetings, trips, telephone calls, etc.), the levels range from beginner (A1) to advanced and expert (C1) according to the Common European Framework of Reference :

Conversion of the TOEIC results into the language level of the European Framework of Reference

  • A1 : 60-105 (listening), 60-110 (reading)
  • A2 : 110 – 270 (listening), 115 – 270 (reading)
  • B1 : 275 – 395 (listening), 275 – 380 (reading)
  • B2 : 400 – 485 (listening), 385 – 450 (reading)
  • C1 : 490 – 495 (listening), 455 – 495 (reading)

The TOEIC 4 skills are also available as a complete package or as a supplement to the standard test, the “Speaking and Writing” module. These two parts are carried out on a computer in the same way as the TOEFL test.

The test results will be sent to the participants within a maximum of 2 weeks. You can’t fail. With regard to the points system mentioned, the candidates receive a score report (test results) and an interpretation table. This table:

  • indicates the proficiency level of the English language
  • describes listening and reading skills according to the respective number of points
  • gives estimates for the skill level of productive skills
  • assigns total and partial results to the language level of the Common European Framework of Reference

The TOEIC test is one of the few English certificates for which the correlation with the Common European Framework of Reference is scientifically proven.

Cost and preparation

The cost of the test can vary, but averages 100-150 euros. Good preparation for the language diploma is provided by an online course, a language trip and / or relevant preparation books, the use of which is intended in most cases as an addition to other learning methods.

Registration for the TOEIC test

TOEIC tests can usually only be taken on request. In this context, the candidates have several options:

  • The completion of the test in your company, at your training facility or at your place of study
  • Taking the test as part of public test sessions hosted by approved test centers
  • The completion of the test in a TOEIC branch
  • Completion of the test during a language trip (information on this under English exam courses )

TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication