Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Travel Information

When the phrase comes out of our mouths: “Yes, even to the ends of the world…”, we don’t even think that by doing so we mention the picturesque expanses of Tierra del Fuego, which was once separated from the snow-white ones as a result of the global whim of nature. glaciers of Antarctica, and is now divided between Chile and Argentina. See weddinginfashion for economy of South America.

Wildlife, thanks to the cruel climate, chilling stories about the insatiable sea waters that annually swallow thousands of ships and remoteness from civilization, has remained almost untouched. Only in the stone embrace of cities do comfortable hotels and neon-sparkling shopping centers stubbornly reach for the low gloomy sky – a breath of comfort and warmth for tourists who want to see the horizon with their own eyes, standing on the southernmost cliff of the planet. What if the silhouette of a city of a civilization that died many centuries ago appears in the depths of the sea, and revelation and absolute knowledge of the truth of being will come with the piercing Arctic winds?!

According to localcollegeexplorer, 40 thousand islands of the archipelago, like a handful of rough diamonds of various sizes and shapes, carelessly thrown by the Creator into the gray-emerald waters, warmed only by the mean January sun. The largest of the islands is Isla Grande. But the harsh climate for humans is a blessing for the main inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego – hilariously touching penguins, to see which is one of the first goals of any visitor.

The main tourist city of the archipelago is Ushuaia (it is also the southernmost city on Earth), the economic capital of the region is the city of Rio Grande.

How to get there

From Buenos Aires to Ushuaia – more than 3000 km. It is most reasonable to overcome them by plane, the travel time is about 4 hours. From El Calafate to Tierra del Fuego is only an hour flight.

Weather in Tierra del Fuego

Spring, summer and early autumn are especially good in Tierra del Fuego. This time is ideal for walking in the national park, cruises, fishing and other trips to these places.

Entertainment and attractions of Tierra del Fuego

The main attractions became the reason for the creation of an extensive infrastructure of the capital of the flaming islands – Ushuaia. Here you can first explore the city prison, or rather the museum, imposingly located in it, and, of course, the Fin del Mundo regional museum – the Museum At the End of the World. After that, it is recommended to board one of the boats in order to take a boat trip along the Beagle Channel. For the impatient, a two-hour tour with a visit to a couple of colorful islands inhabited by sea lions and arctic birds is enough; for a more detailed immersion in the world of fauna and flora of Tierra del Fuego, a 4-hour cruise with a dessert – Magellanic penguins will do. Tierra del Fuego National Park is a whole day of experiences that have no analogues in tourist leisure, and the entrance fee is only $10.

An unforgettable trip will be a walk in the Cape Horn National Park, over which the one-eyed watchman of sailors rises – the famous Horn lighthouse. King penguins have chosen the icy rocks of Snow Hill Island, a visit to which is a real pleasure, because this is the land of the Arctic Peninsula, however, not everyone dares to take such a desperate step.

It is worth visiting the lake with almost black water due to the peat bottom, going by jeeps to the Escondido and Fagnano lakes, or sailing on a rented yacht in the Beagle Channel and Los Lobos Island.

Going on a jeep safari, it is better to take care of your lunch in advance and take everything you need for barbecue with you. If the guide is experienced, he will definitely tell you the parking lots, where you can stop and properly, and most importantly, eat with pleasure.

4 things to do at World’s End

  1. Having visited Tierra del Fuego, it is sacred to repeat the route of the legendary Charles Darwin, who in the 1830s made a promenade through the islands of the archipelago. Who knows, maybe this journey will inspire you to a great discovery that amazed the world, like the theory of Darwinism that arose in the head of a scientist precisely while examining the unique beauties of this land. To do this, you can rent a boat and a guide, having previously insured both, and yourself at the same time.
  2. You can become the owner of an unusual trophy by rounding Cape Horn, the coastal waters of which are the largest ship cemetery, for overcoming which everyone receives a certificate, which a couple of centuries ago looked like a silver earring in the left ear. It is recommended to do this on your own only from November to March, when the weather is not so violent.
  3. In local restaurants, look for dishes from the sentolian king crab on the menu, the fragrant meat of which must be washed down with the local Chilean Pisco vodka with a strength of 35 degrees. Dinner costs 30-50 dollars.
  4. In order to confidently declare to everyone after a fascinating trip to the islands of Tierra del Fuego: “I saw the end of the world”, you need to visit the southernmost settlement of the Earth – the fishing village of Puerto Toro, where one of the 50 remaining old-timers will pat you on the shoulder with a calloused rough hand, while you stand in a daze on rocky boulders, struggling with sharp gusts of sea wind. Address: Navarino Island, Tierra del Fuego

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina