Thompson Rivers University Review (5)

Thompson Rivers University Review (5)

University: Thompson Rivers University

City: Kamloops

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

Study efficiently:

Although I have already chosen my courses from Germany, it turned out on site that my course choice was not the best. Therefore, the following tip, which must be observed urgently: You can completely reconsider your choice of course and choose a new one from the university within the first two weeks after the start of the semester. On the one hand, this has the advantage that you don’t have to buy unnecessarily overpriced textbooks (they cost around 60 euros in Canada) and, on the other hand, the courses you choose should match your personal preferences. Therefore, I recommend reading the university handbook with course descriptions of the courses that are relevant or interesting for you. So you can quickly find out what you really want to visit and what not. Then you should go to the homepage Almost all professors from the United States and Canada are listed here and are evaluated by former students. One and the same course is often offered by several professors, but the learning effort to be made varies greatly! In this way you definitely avoid bad lecture quality and also an unnecessary amount of learning effort;-).┬áCheck to see Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak.

You can live in a house (!) in Kamloops for the same money you would pay for a dorm room if you get together with one or two other people. The only advantage of living in a dormitory is that it is close to the university and the campus pub. But that was it again. Living comfort is almost exactly zero. In addition, everything is guarded and you quickly get warnings if you are caught with alcohol on the premises. After the third warning flies out of his room! And you can really save on guarding in Canada because the crime rate is low anyway.
For around 300 CAD (Canada Dollars) you can live in a house with three people that you will probably find it difficult to move out of. On the other hand, you should also buy a car, because the public transport infrastructure, which, by the way, only consists of buses, is not sufficiently developed.

In order to be able to maintain social contacts better, I recommend taking a mobile phone with you, or buying one there cheaply and loading it with prepaid cards. They are not expensive and make life a lot easier.
Otherwise there are a lot of downhill roads in Kamloops and that’s why I bought a longboard! Not entirely harmless, but it’s a lot of fun to skate there!
In the winter, get a season pass to the nearby Sun Peaks Resort ski area as there are extremely cheap student rates and winters in Canada are guaranteed to be unforgettable!


It was definitely a great time that I wouldn’t want to miss. You get to know an incredible number of people from all over the world. In summer, fishing trips to the lakes, of which there seems to be an infinite number, are very worthwhile. And in winter you can do excellent winter sports.

Thompson Rivers University Review (5)