Rhodes Town, Greece

Things to Do in Rhodes Town, Greece

Rhodes Town is the capital and largest city of the island of Rhodes. On the island, Rhodes Town is often simply referred to as Rhodes (Rodos) or it is referred to as ‘the city’. Everyone will know that you mean the epic center of tourism on Rhodes. Rhodes Town consists of different parts that are clearly distinguishable from each other. For example, there is the medieval city center, which is still beautifully walled at the heart of the city. Beyond that, the modern part of Rhodes Town begins, with the eastern part actually forming a large tourist district. The literal highlight of Rhodes Town is the ancient city or the Acropolis of Rhodes.

According to topschoolsintheusa, Rhodes Town is certainly suitable to spend a whole day. If you wish, you can break the day for one of the many boat trips departing from Mandraki harbour.

Top 10 Things to Do in Rhodes Town

#1. Palace of the Grand Masters

The Grand Master’s Palace of Rhodes is one of the most beautiful buildings that have survived from the medieval period. The imposing building that you can now admire was extensively renovated at the beginning of the last century when the Italians were in power on Rhodes. Then it was a temporary summer residence for Italian leaders. The Palace of the Grand Masters, once built by the Saints, now serves as a museum.

#2. Acropolis of Rhodes

Rhodes Town is one of the oldest towns on the island of Rhodes. From antiquity, some remnants are still visible on a hill on the southwestern side of the present-day city. The Acropolis of Rhodes, as the ancient part of the city is called, includes remnants of the Temple of Apollo, a beautiful old stadium and an amphitheatre. The Acropolis of Rhodes is free to visit 24 hours a day. Because this attraction is not located directly in the center, it is more convenient to go there with a rental car or taxi.

#3. Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in a former hospital within the old town. In the museum, which as a building is already a sight to see, you can admire all kinds of archaeological finds, including a number of beautiful sculptures such as the crouching Aphrodite. The Archaeological Museum exhibits archaeological finds from all over Rhodes. By preserving them in a protected environment, these ancient archaeological treasures should be preserved for many generations to come.

#4. mandraki haven

Rhodes Town has several ports. Therein lies the reason why a city was created here. Centuries ago, the ports ensured that Rhodes was one of the largest cities in Europe for a while. The tourist harbor is the MandrĂ¡ki harbor. This harbor is known for its three turrets and because the Colossus of Rhodes is said to have once stood here. Centuries ago, this wonder of the world disappeared completely due to an earthquake, but the port is no less busy. For tourists this is the starting point for a boat trip or (diving) excursion. The ramparts are a popular area for a nice walk.

#5. Vestinggracht

The entire medieval town of Rhodes is walled. Gates have been installed in various places. There is a moat within the wall. This moat is overgrown and equipped with walking paths. A walk through this moat gives a beautiful view of the walls and is a pleasant piece of tranquility within the otherwise sometimes hectic city.

#6. Ridderstraat

The Ridderstraat is considered by many to be the most beautiful street in the historic heart of Rhodes Town. This sloping street takes you from the contemporary Archaeological Museum to the Palace of the Grand Masters. On the walls you can still admire the coats of arms of the knights of yesteryear.

#7. naval port

The fortifications of Rhodes Town have several entrance gates. The most beautiful gateway is the Marinepoort, which stands at the height of the MandrĂ¡ki harbour. The gate has two towers on either side, which in appearance have many similarities with the two towers that stand at the entrance of the Grand Master’s Palace. The Marinepoort is one of the most used gateways to the old city.

#8. Elli Beach

Rhodes Town has several beaches. The nicest beaches in our opinion are on the eastern side of the city, but the most visited is Elli Beach. This beach runs from the northern tip of Rhodes towards Mandraki harbour. The pebble beach is very busy, especially in the summer months. All the amenities you need on the beach are here.

#9. Bar Street

The bar street of Rhodes is a highlight within the city, especially for young people looking for entertainment. For many other tourists, Orfanidou, as the street is actually called, is a place to definitely avoid. The bar street is all about alcohol, fast food and parties. From the afternoon, proppers already head for the beaches to persuade the public to come and drink shots and other drinks in their tent before the evening.

#10. Rhodes Aquarium

At the northernmost tip of the city is the Aquarium of Rhodes. The Aquarium is part of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, which researches and tries to protect the marine life around Rhodes. The Aquarium is located in a building that was built by the Italians in the 1930s. The Art Deco building is a sight to behold in itself. The dozens of aquariums with various sea creatures are a nice outing to visit with children, but adults will also have a great time. Please note that finding parking near the aquarium can be difficult.

Rhodes Town, Greece