Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo, New Zealand Travel Information

According to sourcemakeup, Taupo is the “adrenaline capital” of the North Island of the New Zealand archipelago, located on the shores of the lake of the same name (Lake Taupō). Here guests are encouraged to “actively do” rather than “passively watch”. Of course, there are many attractions here, and mostly natural beauties, but the list of entertainment of varying degrees of extremeness is much more extensive. Particular attention is paid to immersion in the firmament of heaven: from panoramic flights over the most picturesque surroundings to skydiving and bungee jumping.

How to get to Taupo

Taupo has its own airport – Taupo Airport, located 8 km from the city center. It receives daily flights from local airline Air New Zeland from Auckland and Wellington, as well as Australian charters and private jets.

There are no flights from Russian cities to Taupo; you must first fly to Auckland (for example, by Aeroflot) and from there get to Taupo by domestic flight or by car: by bus (5 hours on the way, fare – from 20 to 50 USD) or rented car (4 hours drive). Federal Road No. 1 (State Highway 1, also SH1) runs right through the city center.

Transport in the city

You can easily walk around the city center, the distances are short here.

The most convenient way to get around Taupo and its suburbs is by renting a car, which opens up a whole range of opportunities to explore the stunning natural landscapes that abound around the city. There are a sufficient number of car rental agencies in Taupo, including international Avis and Hertz; rental price – from 55-60 USD per day.

The second option is the Hot Bus shuttle bus that runs around the main tourist attractions. Departures are every hour from the i-SITE tourist information center in the city center. Tariff – from 15 to 25 USD round-trip; on the way back, you can take any Hot Bus and thus not be tied to the time. In the city you can also rent a bicycle, a motor scooter or an electric scooter – a segway.

Cuisine and restaurants in Taupo

Most of Taupo’s restaurants historically serve classic, solid English cuisine, garnished with an abundance of grilled dishes. Be sure to try local varieties of “live” beer and light and aromatic New Zealand wines. We also recommend devoting one of the evenings to a romantic dinner in a restaurant on the shores of Lake Taupo.

Shopping and shops

In addition to New Zealand souvenirs and noteworthy items: wool products, sheepskins, mother-of-pearl jewelry and eco-cosmetics, pay attention to blown glass (Lava Glass studio), local wines (Scenic Sellars enoteca), organic and delicious honey (Huka store Honey Hive), chocolate (Robin’s Handmade Chocolates boutique), works by contemporary designers Taupo (Kura and Zea You galleries), as well as perhaps the world’s largest puzzle store, Puzzle World’s Puzzle Shop.

For fresh food and flea stuff, head to the Riverside Market, open on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm in Riverside Park.

Entertainment and attractions in Taupo

New Zealand’s most visited attraction, Huka Falls (huka means “foam” in the Maori dialect), is located near the city, to the north, on the Waikato River. The turbulent waters of the river, squeezed in a mountain gorge, fall from a height of 20 m with a roar and an unchanging rainbow. A pedestrian bridge is stretched over the waterfall. See existingcountries for New Zealand higher education.

Another performance starring Waikato is the Aratiatia Dam, located 13 km from Taupo along the river. Water is discharged daily at 10 am, noon, at 2:00 pm (winter) and 4:00 pm (summer).

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is an attraction in itself, with plenty of walking and cycling trails along its shores (the most famous is Lions Walk), cafes and restaurants where you can dine while contemplating the water, and cozy places for a picnic or just lying on the grass. It also houses the Museum of Lake Taupo and the Art Gallery with exhibits telling about the history of the Maori, geology, ecology and European colonization of these lands. Visit the wonderful Ora Botanical Garden and a reconstructed Maori dwelling.

Volcanoes and geysers of Taupo

The Volcanic Activity Center provides a fun, interactive experience about the volcanoes and geysers of the Taupo Valley, as well as offering live geothermal activity in the 20 km2 park. A similar experience can be obtained in Craters of the Moon.

Climbing enthusiasts are invited to conquer Mount Tauhara: it will not be difficult at any level of physical fitness. The views from the top are truly breathtaking!


Skydiving (parachuting) is one of the most popular “adrenaline” entertainment in Taupo. You can jump from a height of 3660 or 4570 meters, in tandem with an experienced trainer (in most cases) and solo (for certified skydivers). During the summer months, a school is organized for those wishing to succeed in this sport-art.

Bungee jumping in Taupo also has its own army of fans. Cutting through the air masses with your head is offered in the gorge with the encouraging name Hell’s Gate on the Waikato River. The cost is about 100 USD for a solo jump and 200 USD for a tandem.

Panoramic flights over Taupo and the surrounding area are carried out by helicopters and small aircraft. Duration – from 10 minutes to several hours.

You can get wet under the cascades of spray during an extreme ride on a jet boat led by an experienced captain. This is New Zealand’s signature attraction – don’t miss it. You are waiting for multiple turns of all 360 ° in the turbulent waters of Waikato, dizzying descents and dangerous rolls without, it would seem, the slightest hope of salvation.

For more balanced lovers of the water surface, kayaks, motorboats and yachts are offered on Lake Taupo, including the historic The Barbary, built in 1926.

Taupo is also famous for its year-round trout fishing, and on this occasion, several fishing tackle shops operate successfully in the city.

Taupo, New Zealand