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According to softwareleverage, Uganda is a country in Africa bordering Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo-Kinshasa and Rwanda. Uganda has been independent from the United Kingdom since 1962. The capital of Uganda is Kampala. A number of large cities in Uganda are: Entebbe, Lira, Mbale and Soroti. Uganda is known for its many wildlife parks. These game […]

Uganda Politics

Uganda Politics, Population and Geography

General information: Uganda gained independence in 1962 (until 1962, a protectorate of Great Britain). The dictatorial regime of Idi AMIN (1971-1979) is responsible for the death of 300,000 of its opponents; guerrilla warfare and civil rights abuses under Milton OBOTE (1980-1985) claimed another 100,000 lives. During the 1990s The government announced a transition to a […]

Uganda Population

Uganda Population and History

According to Localcollegeexplorer, the population (16,583,000 at the 1991 census) belongs for the most part (70%) to the Bantu stock (Baganda, Banyoro, Banyankole, Bagisu, Iteso, Basoga and Bachiga are the major ethnic groups), 16% to the Nilotic stock (Lango and Acholi) and for the rest of the Nilo-Hamitic lineage (Turkana and Karamojong). After the tragic […]

Uganda Entry Requirements

Uganda Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations Nationalities Passport required visa required Return ticket required Turkey Yes Yes Yes Other EU countries Yes 1 Yes Switzerland Yes Yes Yes Austria Yes Yes Yes Germany Yes Yes Yes Passport information Generally required, must still be valid for at least 6 months upon entry. Note on the endorsement in the […]

Uganda in Africa

Uganda in Africa

The political regime in Uganda is holding back the opposition with vicious methods. We are trying to create space for democratic participation and we are fighting to put an end to widespread corruption. Population: 40,853,749 Proportion of population below the country’s poverty line: 21.4 GDP per capita: $ 2.4 – number 200 in the world […]