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According to searchforpublicschools, Tunisia (Arabic: تونس ‎, French: Tunisie) is a country in Africa bordering Algeria and Libya. Tunisia is part of the so-called Maghreb countries (Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia). The capital of Tunisia is Tunis. A number of major cities in Tunisia are: Sfax, Sousse and Kairouan. The Kerkenna Islands and the […]

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Tunisia Politics, Population and Geography

General information: After independence in 1956 (until 1956 – protectorate of France) President Habib Bourguiba (Habib BOURGIU-BA) established a rigid one-party rule. He ruled the country for 31 years, suppressing the activities of Islamic fundamentalists and providing the female part of the population with rights unprecedented in the Arab world. In recent years, Tunisia has […]

Tunisia Entry Requirements

Tunisia Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations Nationalities Passport required visa required Return ticket required Switzerland Yes, 1 no Yes Other EU countries Yes, 1 2 Yes Turkey Yes no Yes Germany Yes, 1 no Yes Austria Yes, 1 no Yes ID cards/identity cards [1] Among others, nationals of the following countries can enter as part of a […]