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According to physicscat, Paraguay is a country in South America bordering Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Paraguay has been independent from Spain since 1811. The capital of Paraguay is Asunción. A number of large cities in Paraguay are: Ciudad del Este, San Lorenzo, Luque and Concepción. Paraguay is known for its beautiful nature. There are rainforests, […]

Paraguay Politics

Paraguay Politics, Population and Geography

General information: In the bloody war of the tripartite alliance (1865-70) Paraguay lost two-thirds of the adult male population and a significant part of its territory. For half of the next century, the country experienced economic stagnation. In the Chaco War 1932-35. large and economically important areas were recaptured from Bolivia. Alfredo STROESSNER’s thirty-five-year military […]

Paraguay History

Paraguay History

Although no longer occupying the proscenium, the Paraguayan armed forces continued to play a decisive role in the country’s political and economic life, therefore characterized by substantial political instability due to repeated conflicts of power between military and civilians. According to Localcollegeexplorer, in May 1993, JC Wasmosy was elected to the presidency of the republic […]