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According to thereligionfaqs, Morocco (French: Maroc, Arabic: المغرب ‎) is a country in Africa, located on the Strait of Gibraltar opposite European Gibraltar. Morocco borders Algeria, Western Sahara and the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Morocco has been independent from France since 1956. The capital of Morocco is Rabat. A number of major cities […]

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Morocco Politics, Population and Geography

Background: Morocco’s long struggle for independence from France ended in 1956. In the same year, the “international zone” of Tangier became part of the new country. In the late 1970s Morocco has, in effect, annexed Western Sahara, but the status of this territory has not yet been definitively determined. Gradually carried out in the 1990s. […]

Morocco Entry Requirements

Morocco Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations Nationalities Passport required visa required Return ticket required Turkey Yes no Yes Other EU countries Yes no Yes Switzerland Yes no Yes Austria Yes no Yes Germany Yes no Yes Passport information Generally required, must be valid beyond the stay. Austrian passports must be valid throughout the stay. However, some airlines […]