Angola Education Facts

Training Angola officially has compulsory schooling for eight years. The children should start school at the age of seven, but only a minority of them do so. The reason is that many children need to help raise money for their families. Some children start school later, and a significant proportion go to several classes. The […]

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Angola Travel Information

According to medicinelearners, Angola is a country in Africa bordering Namibia, Zambia and Congo-Kinshasa. The Angolan province of Cabinda does not border Angola. It is completely enclosed between Congo-Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville. The capital of Angola is Luanda. The majority of the inhabitants also live in that city (approximately 1 in 3). A number of major […]

Angola Entry Requirements

Angola Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations Nationalities Passport required visa required Return ticket required Other EU countries Yes Yes Yes Turkey Yes Yes Yes Germany Yes Yes Yes Austria Yes Yes Yes Switzerland Yes Yes Yes Passport information Generally required, must be valid for at least 6 months upon departure and contain two blank pages. Visa information […]