Sydney, Canada

Sydney, Canada

According to themeparktour, on the edge of Vancouver Island, right on the Canada- US border, sits the charming seaside town of Sydney. It is surrounded by Pacific straits and islets, the waterfront overlooks an ancient volcano, and thousands of seabirds nest on the coast. The city owes its appearance to the “gold rush”, but today the spirit of free creativity reigns here: concerts and festivals are held, the walls of houses are decorated with huge frescoes; there are many artists and musicians among the local population.

In Sydney, there are 12 bookstores per 11,500 inhabitants, which gives it an unusual but quite official status – it is the only booktown in Canada.

How to get there

Getting into the Canadian outback is not easy: you will have to fly from Moscow with transfers in European cities, Vancouver or Toronto, and the fastest flight via Geneva, Frankfurt and Vancouver by Lufthansa aircraft will take 37 hours. From St. Petersburg, a flight of the same airline can get to Sydney in a day with transfers in Frankfurt and Vancouver.

According to ejinhua, the city is located just 5 km from Victoria International Airport, a taxi ride to the center will cost 20 CAD. The prices on the page are for June 2021.


Local public transport is buses: they run around the city and connect it with Victoria – the capital of the province of British Columbia, the airport and Schwartz Bay, from where ferries go to the mainland and neighboring islands. It is not difficult to get around the main city sights on foot or by bike – there are several tourist cycling routes across the territory.

Sydney Hotels

The resort town is open with a dozen hotels, concentrated in the very center. You can stay in a modern waterfront building with a spa, fitness center and spacious rooms overlooking the ocean, or choose a small but luxurious hotel on the main street of the city with cozy rooms, individually decorated. The range of prices is from 120 to 300 CAD, depending on the class of the institution.

The nearest hostel is located in Victoria, 20 km from Sydney, a bed in a double room costs 45 CAD. Apartments in the vicinity of the town are rented for 100–200 CAD.

Cuisine and restaurants

Sidney’s many eateries, cafes and restaurants serve dishes from around the world. Asian cuisine is represented by Thai, Japanese and Chinese establishments, European cuisine is represented by bistros, coffee houses and pizzerias, and the highlight of the local cuisine is, of course, seafood. You can buy the freshest fish, crabs and many others at the fish market in the city center, and in the restaurants on the waterfront you should try shellfish in a creamy sauce, grilled shrimp, fried cod with tartar sauce and lobster. Popular desserts include maple syrup waffles, walnut brownies, crispy croissants, and a variety of ice creams. Dinner with a glass of wine and a view of the sea bay will cost 30 CAD, fast food in inexpensive eateries – 7-15 CAD.

Attractions Sydney

Sydney is rocky bays and secluded beaches, cozy streets with antique shops and interactive museums, fishing, boat trips and many other entertainments. In summer, a big fair is noisy on the main street on Thursdays, and in July there are city days with a parade and fireworks.

From the pier in the city center, you can fish for lobsters and feed seals. An oceanarium is open nearby, where the inhabitants of the surrounding straits are gathered. The Gulf Islands National Park, located on the nearby islands, is accessible by ferry.

Excursions for whale watching start from Sydney’s piers, and sometimes these sea giants can be seen right from the embankment, decorated with funny sculptures.

There is a tropical park 15 km from the city, where colorful butterflies, iguanas and flamingos live, and nearby, 900 species of plants bloom from May to October in the Butchart Gardens.

Sydney, Canada