Susupe, Northern Mariana Islands

Susupe, Northern Mariana Islands Travel Information

According to topschoolsintheusa, Susupe is the capital of the Mariana Islands, which are part of the United States. The town located on the island of Saipan has long been chosen for recreation by Korean and Japanese tourists. Here all year round is a smooth warm summer without natural shocks and cataclysms. All worries and worries remain in the past, you join the unhurried rhythm of local life, submit to the charm of positive and serene natives.

The locals are very friendly, the fear of offending a guest by refusing sometimes takes on grotesque forms. Be careful – in response to your question, you may not be given reliable information, but what, in the opinion of a benevolent islander, you would like to hear. When visiting the surrounding villages, it is advisable to consult a guide or just a knowledgeable person: the locals have a lot of various taboos and mysterious ceremonies that can easily put a “stranger” in an uncomfortable position.┬áSee ezinesports for Oceania geography.

How to get to Susupe

Japanese, Chinese and Korean airlines arrive at Saipan International Airport. You can get to the city in transit through the airports of Seoul (Korean Air and Asiana), Hong Kong and Tokyo (Delta Air Lines).


You can travel around the city and its surroundings by taxis, which usually accumulate at the airport and in hotel parking lots. Taxi rides are relatively expensive. In addition to the “official” taxi drivers, tourists are also happy to carry their unregistered counterparts – Chinese and Korean emigrants, whose trip prices are much cheaper (around 5-7 USD). It is better for taxi drivers to name landmarks, and not to give the exact address.

Between the largest cities of the island there is a bus service, rare and irregular. Major hotels also offer bus routes to large shopping malls.

The most convenient way to travel around the city and the island is a car that can be rented without a deposit at the agencies Avis and Hertz. For 25 USD, you can rent a moped, but use it only for trips during the day – in the evenings, roads around the city remain without lighting.

You can take a ferry to the nearest (7 km) island of Taipan. And local airlines communicate with other islands.

Cuisine and restaurants

Exotic local cuisine is represented by breadfruit fried in oil, which is served as an appetizer, and pies with shellfish and shrimp. The main seasoning that can literally transform the taste of any dish is a mixture of crushed coconut and palm oil, it is served with chicken, meat and fish. Another local sauce for soup, rice and marinating meat is finadeni, which is a mixture of soy and lemon juice and seasonings.

In any restaurant you will find a variety of seafood dishes, as well as quite authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Joeten Mall, the largest in the city, has a variety of cafes and restaurants. In the city itself, you can recommend Coffee Care, which offers traditional continental cuisine; Ebisuya Restaurant, which specializes in Japanese cuisine; and Hankukkwan Korean Restaurant. A popular place in the city is “360” – a revolving restaurant that provides an overview of the entire panorama of the surroundings and offers an exquisite menu.

In the evenings, you can listen to performances of local performers in the open areas, in which theatrical dances replace traditional gospel music, and rhythmic sounds of wooden drums replace European hits.


Almost every store has its own opening hours. The common denominator for all of them, perhaps, is the obligatory day of rest on Sunday. However, large shopping centers are open every day.

You can buy local souvenirs from shells and coconuts, hats and bags woven from the leaves of tropical plants, paintings and textiles with scenes from local life, products made from agate, corals and pearls. On Saturday mornings, there is a farmer’s market opposite the courthouse, offering a huge selection of exotic fruits and flowers.

Entertainment and attractions in Susupe

Directly next to the city is Lake Susupe, a unique natural site where the rarest birds of the Mariana Islands nest. The lake is surrounded by a two-meter reed and ironwood thickets. Birds from the northern countries also come here to spend the winter.

From Susupe, you can easily make short trips around the island and see its natural attractions: the Bird Island Nature Reserve, from the observation deck of which overlooks the bay, where swallows and sea turtles live; Grotto cave – connected by three tunnels to the ocean and decorated with stalactites and corals; Saipan Botanical Garden; the top of Mount Tapochao, the highest point of the island.

Susupe, Northern Mariana Islands