SUNY Maritime College Acceptance Rate, Average GPA, SAT and ACT Scores

SUNY Maritime College was founded in 1874 as the New York Nautical School. It was created to train a workforce of skilled mariners to meet the needs of a growing New York City commercial port. The school was originally located in Lower Manhattan and moved to its current location in Fort Schuyler, Bronx in 1913. Over the years, the college has undergone several name changes and transformations, becoming what it is today – SUNY Maritime College.

In 1965, SUNY Maritime College became part of the State University of New York system, making it eligible for state funding and enabling it to offer degree programs leading to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. This move allowed the college to expand its academic offerings beyond just nautical science and engineering courses; today, students can choose from various majors such as global business management and marine environmental science. The college also offers a variety of other programs such as a summer sea term program which gives students hands-on experience on board vessels at sea. Check beautyphoon for information about National University of La Pampa.

The college has continued to grow over the years with new academic programs being introduced that focus on both traditional maritime topics as well as emerging technology fields such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. In addition, SUNY Maritime College is home to one of only four U.S. merchant marine academies in the country and is known for its rigorous academic standards that prepare students for successful careers at sea or on land after graduation.

SUNY Maritime College, as one of the top colleges ranked by major educational institutions, has impressed us by its high selectivity and student friendly application process during admissions. The following tables detail 2018 class profile, including total applications received, average high school GPA, SAT scores/ACT scores, and acceptance rates of SUNY Maritime College. To learn more about GPA, SAT and ACT scores information, please follow the links below. If you want to find even more about SUNY Maritime College, such as tuition fees and scholarships, you can click the link after tables to visit the school’s official website.

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Admissions Stats

SUNY Maritime College is a highly selective institution, with an admissions rate of only 37%. The average GPA for accepted students is 3.4, and the average SAT score is 1210. Incoming freshmen typically have an average ACT score of 25. The student to faculty ratio at SUNY Maritime College is 15:1, and the majority of classes have fewer than 20 students in them. In addition to the traditional academic requirements for admission, the college also requires applicants to submit a personal statement outlining their career goals and motivation for attending SUNY Maritime College. The college encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds and has dedicated resources to helping those from underserved communities gain access to higher education opportunities.

Fall 2022 Selectivity

Selectivity selective
Fall 2022 acceptance rate 46%
Early decision acceptance rate N/A
Early action acceptance rate N/A
Acceptance rate (excluding early action and early decision students) 46%

Fall 2022 Applications, Acceptances & Enrollments

Applicants 1,889
Female applicants 253
Male applicants 1,636
Applicants accepted 862
Female applicants accepted 101
Male applicants accepted 761
Freshman enrollment 331
Female freshman enrollment 33
Male freshman enrollment 298
Early decision applicants N/A
Early decision applicants accepted N/A
Early decision applicants enrolled N/A
Early action applicants N/A
Early action applicants accepted N/A
Early action applicants enrolled N/A
Total enrolled incoming freshmen who were accepted under early acceptance or early action N/A

Fall 2022 Wait List

School has a wait list Yes
Applicants placed on wait list 30
Students accepting place on wait list 30
Students accepted from wait list 10

Fall 2022 High School Rank

Freshman students submitting high school class standing 6%

Fall 2022 High School GPA

Freshman students submitting high school GPA 98%
Average high school GPA 3.0
High school GPA 25th-75th percentile range 2.8-3.4

Fall 2022 Freshman SAT Scores

Freshman students submitting SAT scores 90%
SAT Critical Reading average score 523
SAT Critical Reading 25th-75th percentile range 490-560
SAT Math average score 550
SAT Math 25th-75th percentile range: 540-600
SAT Writing average score N/A
SAT Writing 25th-75th percentile range N/A
SAT Essay 25th-75th percentile range N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman ACT Scores

Freshman students submitting ACT scores 32%
Average ACT Composite score 23
ACT Composite 25th-75th percentile range 20-24
ACT English 25th-75th percentile range N/A
ACT English score breakdown N/A
ACT Math 25th-75th percentile range N/A
ACT Math score breakdown N/A