Sunny Peaks, Canada

Sunny Peaks, Canada

According to remzfamily, Sun Peaks is a new, rapidly developing ski resort in distant and beautiful Canada, in that part of it called British Columbia. Canada is a country that is known for an amazing combination of superbly developed infrastructure and almost untouched nature. They say that raccoons cross the road here as often as our dogs. And this speaks of good ecology and a reverent attitude towards animals: they are not afraid of a person even on a roaring monster – a car.

How to get there

The closest airport to the Peaks is located in the city of Kamloops, from which you can get to the resort by bus or taxi. You can fly to Vancouver, see the city and from there go to your destination, travel time is 4 hours. If you want to see Seattle, then you can safely go from it, travel time is 5 hours, but in this case you will also need a US visa.


According to thefreegeography, the Sunny Peaks are three mountains, the height difference is 3000 m, the slopes are always covered with snow, but since the resort tries to foresee any surprise, there is an installation for creating artificial snow. The irreplaceable director and “brain” of the resort is Nancy Green, an Olympic champion and national pride of Canada. Knowing skiing “from the inside” and having overcome the entire path of an athlete from the first timid descent to the highest level that an athlete can reach, she perfectly understands the needs and demands of all categories of skiers who come to the resort. It is thanks to her that the resort has 114 pistes of various difficulty levels – green, blue, black and double black.

The price of the ski pass can be checked on the official website.

But guests of the resort can enjoy not only skiing. There are wonderful trails for cross-country skiers, the length of the trails is 40 km. Snowboarders won’t feel left out either, as there’s a fun park and a half-pipe here.

The irreplaceable director and “brain” of the resort is Nancy Green, an Olympic champion and national pride of Canada.

  • Slopes of Sun Peaks


Actually, Canadian cuisine is difficult to characterize; the Canadians themselves wittily call it a sandwich or a puff pie. It absorbed both French (Quebec) and Anglo-Saxon traditions, as well as the traditions of the indigenous peoples of the North. In addition, the large influx of emigrants also had a significant impact on the methods of preparation and composition of Canadian dishes. Traditionally, there is a lot of meat here, and Canadians prefer natural whole meat – roast beef, steak, langet. They love vegetables, cereal side dishes, of course, they cook cheeses wonderfully, which is not surprising, given the French origin of many of them. Of course, not without the influence of the “big neighbor” – the United States, here the Canadians took the culture of fast food. Despite the constant tearful calls from nutritionists to give up this junk food, it is still popular.

The real “nail” of Canadian cuisine is maple syrup, Canada produces 4/5 of this product in the world. Maple has become the national symbol of the country, depicted on the flag and coat of arms.

As for drinks, Canadians are very fond of beer, it is of very decent quality here. Very good Canadian liqueurs, a variety of flavors and strengths.

Entertainment and attractions

Of course, “only mountains can be better than mountains,” and we come to a ski resort in order to ski. The resort has a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, special “authentic” places – liquor. But if you get tired of sitting in one place, even such a pleasant one, a trip to Vancouver is a good option. The city is relatively young, founded in the 19th century, it got its name in honor of the famous navigator J. Vancouver, who discovered the island of the same name in the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada and the largest Pacific port. It is located between two majestic peaks – Mount Seymour and Solyburn. The city is cut by rivers, through which more than 20 bridges are laid, three of which are drawbridges.

It is worth visiting Science World, which houses a modern interactive science museum. For example, you can find yourself inside a camera, learn to catch up with your own shadow and blow square soap bubbles.

Climb the Harbor Center tower, the view from this skyscraper is absolutely indescribable. Canada’s special pride is parks. In Capilano Park you will find waterfalls, a suspension bridge of the last century, a canyon and ancient forests. The oldest quarter of Gestown is of interest in the city, the Chinatown is distinguished by its originality, the city has a real Japanese garden. Of course, shopping is especially attractive here, as in all of North America, in the city there are an abundance of shopping centers offering goods for different tastes and budgets.


You can visit a very good sports center, go hiking, during which you will be simply shocked by the surrounding landscapes and feel like a hero of Jack London or James Curwood. Well, if someone lacks “northern” details to complete the experience, you are welcome to purely Canadian entertainment, dog sledding. But not everyone likes to exploit “our smaller brothers”, in this case, a snowmobile or sled is quite suitable for you.

Sunny Peaks, Canada