Summer Holidays in Ukraine

Summer Holidays in Ukraine

Being in the center of Europe, Ukraine is mysterious and beautiful for millions of tourists. Many tend to go on vacation abroad, not even suspecting what a storehouse of wealth awaits them in their country. Protected areas, mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes, uninhabited islands, underground caves, amazing valleys of daffodils, the only desert in Europe, rivers, seas – all this is located on the territory of Ukraine.

Where to go to rest in the summer in Ukraine?

Many seaside resorts are remembered only now. The resorts of the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov attract tourists with a warm sea.

Among them: Berdyansk, Kirillovka, Genichesk, Primorsk, Primorsky Posad, Novokonstantinovka and many others.

Rest here guarantees vacationers:

  • Ecological cleanliness, because located away from big cities and industrial enterprises.
  • Close proximity to the sea.
  • Wide price range.
  • Housing of various comforts.
  • The presence of a large number of entertainment facilities.

If you are interested in the question, where to relax in the summer in Ukraine inexpensively, then you can recommend Genichesk, Primorsk, Primorsky Posad, Novokonstantinovka. Here are attractive prices for holidays. And the shallow sea is suitable for families with small children.

Black Sea resorts

According to topschoolsintheusa, Odessa and Odessa region, Ochakov, Kherson region (Iron Port, Skadovsk) are the mainland resorts of the Black Sea. In South Palmyra, you can not only sunbathe, but also see architectural monuments, see the Potemkin Stairs, wander along Deribasovskaya, visit nightclubs, restaurants, open-air cafes.

In the Kherson region, you will find the largest desert in Europe – Aleshkovsky Sands. Skadovsk is suitable for the rest of the whole family – it is quiet and calm here, the sea is warm and shallow. The Iron Port is a place where there are many discos, night entertainment venues – everything you need for youth recreation.

If you are attracted by a relaxing holiday – the Carpathians will provide you with such an opportunity. In summer, you can pick mushrooms, berries, walk through the ecologically clean forest, and just enjoy the beauty of vibrant nature.

Outdoor enthusiasts can ride horses, ride quad bikes, mountain bikes, jeeps, and go down the stormy rivers. In addition, along with active rest, you can improve your health by drinking mineral water every day. For children, clean air and new experiences will be a pleasant addition.

More and more tourists want not only to breathe clean air, lie on the shores of the sea or lake, but also spend their vacation informatively. In this case, you should see wonderful castles. They are not just beautiful. Each has its own history and centuries of heroic past.

Shenborn Castle (Chinadievo) will amaze you with its truly fabulous facades, the rich past of the interior.

Mukachevo Castle “Palanok” rises on a mountain of volcanic origin at a height of 68 meters.

And all this is only a small fraction of those places where you can relax in the summer in Ukraine.

Traveling around the country is another opportunity to get acquainted with the original culture, its customs, where the traditions of all peoples living on its territory are intertwined.

Summer Holidays in Ukraine