Study International Business Administration

Study International Business Administration Abroad

The word globalization is on everyone’s lips. The interrelationships on our globe are becoming more and more intensive and complex. This is particularly evident in the economy. Many German companies have production abroad. They source their raw materials from other countries and have customers all over the world.

Study business administration globally

A degree in International Business Administration takes these developments into account: it imparts knowledge in business administration, languages, intercultural competence and know-how about international business . International business administration courses are offered at many universities, technical colleges and vocational academies.

Structure of the bachelor’s degree

At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree, students are introduced to the basics of general business administration : mathematics , accounting, human resources management or business informatics are on the curriculum.

According to, foreign languages ​​play an important role right from the start : Business English is compulsory. Depending on the orientation of the course, you can choose other languages ​​such as French, Spanish or Chinese.

In the higher semesters, the students deal with topics such as international business law or international marketing . A focus within the course is chosen from areas such as financial management or marketing.

Acquiring leadership competence in the master’s program

Anyone striving for a management position will still have a master’s degree attached to their bachelor ’s degree . In the master’s degree courses, you deepen your specialist knowledge, intercultural skills and language skills.

In addition, the students continue their education in areas such as international economic policy or corporate management . Many universities offer courses with a regional focus from Europe to East Asia.

Practical phases and studies worldwide

Practical experience is a top priority when studying international business administration. International internships are always integrated into the curriculum. The students are thus optimally prepared for their later professional activity.

Semesters abroad are a matter of course in the subject of International Business Administration. A study abroad enables the language skills to deepen and know the country and its people. In doing so, intercultural skills are acquired that will facilitate later work in international teams. In addition, you gain insights into other economic markets and sharpen your scientific profile.

Career entry in all industries

Graduates of the International Business Administration degree work in all economic sectors . Their knowledge of foreign languages ​​and intercultural competence open up jobs for them in the management of international large or medium-sized companies.

Depending on the focus of study and previous experience, they are used in the areas of financial management, personnel management or marketing, among other things.

In international marketing concepts, international business students plan the deployment of personnel in foreign production facilities. Employers outside of industry are, for example, banks and consulting firms . Masters graduates in particular often take on managerial positions. A career in science and research is also open to them.

Study International Business Administration