Study in Regents University London 9

Study in Regents University London (9)

As you can see from the details, I was at the European Business School (Regent’s University) in London. From September 2010 to September 2011 I completed a master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management there, which I have recently been able to declare as successfully completed.

I have divided my report into different categories for you to give you the opportunity not to have to read a whole text if you are only looking for specific information.

Application process

First I would like to tell you how the application process went for me. In principle, this is the shortest story I have to tell.

After graduating, I just didn’t feel ready to start my professional life straight away, so I started looking for an alternative. In order to make the year not entirely without pressure, I then decided relatively quickly to do a shortened master’s degree abroad.

I became aware of the MicroEDU homepage relatively quickly because it offers a wide range of countries and opportunities that I have not found anywhere else.

The application process itself was actually very easy for me. I decided on the destination and university on the homepage and then immediately turned to MicroEDU. They immediately sent me a list of documents that they needed for my registration. I then used the next time to compile the relevant documents and then sent them to MicroEDU.
The contacts did all the rest for me and a few weeks later I got the job. That’s it! It was great for me as I had a few other things to do.


The course itself was very interesting. It was completely new to me because I had previously had 10-16 different courses during one semester. At EBS there were only 4 or 5 per semester. Sounds really relaxed at first, but the courses have a completely different intensity. The philosophy of teamwork is very important to us at this university, which didn’t bother me personally, as I already knew it from my university. In addition, you got to know the other students quickly and well through the intensive collaboration. Read more experience for studying abroad on Thembaprograms.

I decided on Entrepreneurial Management because it is not that widespread in Europe and, in my opinion, is not only suitable for people who want to start their own business. I’m not an entrepreneur myself, at least not yet, but it also helps me with my current job now, as the “Think out of the box” principle is already very much focused during my studies.

In the first semester I had the following lectures:

First of all, I might say that there are various master’s degree programs at EBS. What I think is very good is the structure, which includes special lectures for my pathway as well as lectures that have to be attended by all masters. As a result, you come into contact with the other pathways very quickly and not only remain absorbed in your own.

Business in its Cultural and Linguistic Environment

Interesting lecture about cultures and how different they can be. It was fun and exciting to see how different cultures are and still related to business and work.

Business Research Methods

Basically it was the lecture in which we had to prepare our proposal for the dissertation. It was okay, but not that exciting in my eyes and a bit of nonsense for me. But definitely has its raison d’etre.

Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation

One of the special courses for entrepreneurial management. It was really awesome! This course pulled our teeth out in the first semester, night shifts and weekends at university were the order of the day. Ed Gonsalves really let it rip, but in retrospect it was also fun to be pushed to the limit and beyond.

Managing the Growing Firm

The lecturer (Chris Coleridge) alone was worth the tuition fees. Entrepreneur himself, MBA studies at the London Business School, lecturer at the London Business School and the LSE. This course was really super interesting and the learning curve also went up extremely.

In the second semester, the workload went down significantly, thank God, so I had the opportunity to really get to know London and my new fellow students.

This semester I had the opportunity to choose one of my subjects myself. Unfortunately I chose International Services Marketing. The workload was extremely low, which to be honest, played into my cards. However, I haven’t really learned anything here. But that didn’t bother me so much after the extremely tough first semester, at least during the semester. With a certain distance, it might have been better to choose a challenging subject. But well, that’s the way it is in life. Don’t get it wrong, the subject itself isn’t bad especially for people who really care about marketing.

Strategy in Action

That was the subject with the highest workload in the 2nd semester. A lecture that was again comprehensive for all Masters, so the team consisted of different Masters. Was interesting! The Strategy Weekend was definitely worth an experience. Driving a weekend from London to the coast and then working for 48 hours is a really cool experience and definitely one of the best parts of the Masters at EBS.

In the second semester, too, I had Chris Coleridge as a lecturer, this time in Innovation Management and this time too, it was really super informative and exciting.

The last lecture I had was Finance, which in my opinion was not very exciting, but which I also attribute to the way the professor lectured.

Small info, even if I think it was already mentioned in another report. The grades in London are significantly different from what I knew them to be from my experience. First it goes according to% values. And 70% is the ultimate what you can achieve or that is then an A. I had the pleasure of breaking this hurdle a few times, which was really difficult.


In my opinion, the European Business School is the stereotype of an English private university. The location alone is breathtaking. The campus is right in Regent’s Park, which made an extremely good impression on me. Even the World-Class London Business School is just on the edge of Regent’s Park. Has already been a great atmosphere.

The university itself is of course not a high-tech building due to the spatial framework. But it is precisely this London charm that is just great. The premises are of absolutely high quality and of a good standard. Places such as the canteen, restaurant and Postgrad Area are also of a high standard. A small problem in my opinion was the space in the postgraduate area and the other computer rooms. But that can be coped with because we’ve always found a place to work. The audience at EBS London is of course very elitist. However, this can already be deduced from the tuition fees.

Women with Hermes bags and Manolo Blahnik shoes or boys with Porsches and Aston Martins are the order of the day there. For me it was an absolute novelty to see such things in such a large mass. In my opinion, it is definitely worth an experience. I have to honestly say that the people in the bachelor’s degree were much more into this line. For the most part, the students in the Master’s and MBA were much more advanced and no longer as extreme with these things.

The people are incredibly diverse when it comes to their origins. I don’t think there was any country in the world that wasn’t represented at EBS. It is of course unbelievable to study with people from China, USA, all of Europe, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nigeria etc. These are also the guiding principles of EBS London, namely internationality and networking.

The university can also help you find accommodation. However, there are often shared apartments among the students.


Well, I was wrong about that. That will be the shortest part of my report. I can’t say much about London because you just have to experience it. In my opinion, it is a super brilliant city. No matter what you need, it has everything for you. Finding accommodation in London is not a problem or of course it depends on the budget available. But I don’t think anyone will be so naive and go to London with the idea of ​​finding an apartment close to the city for € 500. A good tip for apartments, bikes, and everything else is gumtree. You can find everything there and for every budget.


The university is really an experience. The network I have built is unbelievable. I can go to almost any country in the world and now I know someone there whom I can at least visit. For some, a deeper friendship has even developed. So I totally fell in love with the city!

Study in Regents University London 9