Study in Regents University London 5

Study in Regents University London (5)

Initial situation

I am 27 years old and study ” International Business Administration ” at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, focus: Human Resource Management. A semester abroad or an internship abroad must be completed as part of this bachelor’s degree program. In the following I would like to tell you about my experiences during my semester abroad at Regent’s University London (European Business School London).

The preparatory phase with MicroEDU

To MicroEDU I first recorded in 2014 during a contact “International Day” at Fulda University in the spring, were represented with an information stand. I didn’t know MicroEDU before. I left my name and contact details on that day and was contacted by email a day later by my future supervisor.

Thanks to the help of MicroEDU, the entire application process at Regent’s University was very pleasant, stress-free and fast. After completing and returning a contact form and the general application requirements from MicroEDU in September 2014, all the necessary Regent’s University application documents were emailed to me directly. These consisted of an application form from the university (Application Form for Exchange and Study Abroad Students), an overview of my previous academic achievements in Fulda (transcript) and a statement of purpose in English, in which the personal reasons and motivations for studying in the UK or to be explained in London at Regent’s University.

The four modules I selected, which I would like to take this semester, were also part of the application form for the University of London. After I had compiled all the necessary documents, I sent them by post to MicroEDU, where they checked again for quality and completeness and then forwarded to Regent’s University in London. A short time later I received a formal letter of acceptance from there for a study semester in spring 2015.

During the entire application process it was possible to contact MicroEDU at any time to clarify any ambiguities and general questions. These were always answered immediately or, in the event that an immediate answer was not possible, I was contacted again a short time later and answered.

The location of Regent’s University / European Business School London

The European Business School is part of Regent’s University and is located in Regent’s Park, right in the center of London. It can be reached quickly and easily by all public transport and is located in a quiet location. From my two accommodations during this time (Wembley and Walthamstow, both in Tube Zone 3), Regent’s University was easily accessible by bus and underground within 45 minutes thanks to its central location on Baker Street. The surrounding Regent’s Park is an absolute attraction for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts! Well-laid out, wide walking paths across the entire park invite you to do sports and the botanical variety of flowers and plants makes the park a place in the spring and summer months where you can spend your free time between lectures.

Everyday life at Regent’s University

Basically, my semester at Regent’s University / European Business School was similar to that at my home university: You have scheduled lectures and you take part in them. The big difference between this university and most universities in Germany is that attendance at Regent’s University is compulsory and this is checked carefully at the beginning of every event! Repeated absence from courses leads to exclusion from this module at some point, which means that the desired ECTS can no longer be realized. A spontaneous change to another module is then not possible, as the individual modules that you take during the semester abroad are selected and determined yourself before the start. A subsequent change is only possible in rare exceptional cases. Read more experience for studying abroad on Medicinelearners.

The lectures (lectures) and seminars (exercise groups, tutorials) at the European Business School London are characterized by a very pleasant learning atmosphere the size of a school class as well as personal contact with the lecturers. Students are allowed to do so outside of the official events or it is recommended to go to the lecturer’s office if anything is unclear and to clarify this in a one-to-one conversation. In particular, this made it easier for me to write academic papers in English.

I took four modules during my semester abroad, which is normal for foreign students in the semester abroad in my experience at the European Business School. Personally, this suited me because, in addition to the individual events, there was enough time to prepare and follow up on modules and to do homework.

The university offers ideal conditions for this. In addition to a well-stocked library with all the books you need for the individual events, Regent’s University has technically modern group work rooms and several PC rooms in which presentations, term papers and exams can be prepared.

Living in London

Finding accommodation in London is a challenge. In any case, this should be dealt with well in advance of the start of the journey, as this can sometimes take more time.
Regent’s University offers accommodation on campus (Reid Hall, Oliver Hall and Oliver Flats) and also off campus in the city center of London, but these are rather expensive compared to other providers, but usually already include the full board for that Semester (“Meal plan”). The monthly ticket for public transport can also be saved, but I would generally recommend this in London, as all areas of London are very easy to reach by tube and bus and you can explore London easily. Anyone interested in such accommodation at Regent’s University can find all the important information on their website or contact MicroEDU, who can also provide information about it.

I personally looked for my accommodation without the help of Regent’s University and can therefore use the German-speaking Student House Share Ltd. ( warmly recommend to everyone. These are Germans living in London who, among other things, organize accommodation for us students during the semester abroad and work together with various agencies. The fact that these people speak German is so much! helpful than that in the event of possible difficulties it is easier to describe the problem in detail and to find quick help. I would therefore turn to her again and again for longer stays in London in the future.

As self-catering, London offers a wide range of options for grocery shopping at student-friendly prices. In addition to the well-known discounters Lidl and Aldi from Germany, in which you can sometimes find exactly the same products from Germany, there is the supermarket chain Tesco and numerous other small supermarkets where you can buy good and delicious food for home.


For me personally, the semester abroad in London was an incredibly eventful and exciting time that I wouldn’t want to miss. In addition to all the specialist knowledge gained, such as the content of the lectures and language, you also gain a large number of personal insights into yourself and what it is like to live alone in another country. In addition to the well-known sights in London, there are many more that you can actually only come across if you stay there for a longer period of time. I made many new friendships in London, which will continue after the semester abroad. Therefore, based on my experience, I can only recommend London to everyone!

Study in Regents University London 5