Study in Regents University London 11

Study in Regents University London (11)

Host university

The Regent’s University consists of various schools: the European Business School London, Regent’s American College London, Regent’s Business School London, Regent’s Institute of Languages & Culture, Regent’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology, Regent’s School of Drama, Film & Media and Regent’s School of Fashion & Design as well as the European Business School.

Regent’s University campus is magically located in the middle of Regent’s Park London. The quiet surroundings in the park offer lawns and university-owned facilities such as the well-equipped Tate Library, shops and sports facilities.

In addition, diverse and lively London, such as Baker Street, is just a few minutes’ walk away right in front of the door.

The enchanting campus of the university is manageable, which contributes to a very family atmosphere. The university itself is very international and only 15% of all students are from the UK. Meetings with personalities like Kevin Spacey or private concerts with DJs like Bakermat are not uncommon at this university!


The registration process for a free mover semester at Regent’s University is less complex than at other universities, thanks to the help of MicroEDU. MicroEDU will give you very detailed information about what the university requires and will also check it carefully; a letter of motivation, an excerpt from the grades and a specific document from Regents University. If you send in these documents on time, nothing should stand in the way of the exchange. When you register, you have to decide which courses you would like to take in exchange. It is therefore essential to clarify the crediting of the course at an early stage.

The choice of course is provisional, however, and can be adjusted during the orientation week if this is required. As soon as you receive the written confirmation from the university, you have to pay the semester fees, which amount to around 7,200 pounds for a Swiss citizen. Until you arrive in London, you will receive weekly information from the inbound team, which will be at your side throughout the entire exchange.


Attendance is compulsory at Regent`s University, which must be observed, otherwise you will not be able to complete the module. Read more experience for studying abroad on Topmbadirectory.

The lectures are similar to school lessons, as we know it from grammar school and there are seldom more than 30 students in a lecture or seminar.

However, this makes a decisive contribution to a very pleasant teaching climate, in which the lecturer consciously gets to know the students better and can thus support them individually. I completed 25 credits during the semester, which corresponded to five modules;

Global Human Resource Management (counted as Reko)

Lecturer: Michael Oyelere

In this course, a written seminar paper and a group work with a subsequent presentation had to be submitted as an examination performance. The lecturer is considered to be a very competent personality in this subject area and was able to present the topic convincingly with his background knowledge.

International Marketing (counted in the elective area)

Lecturer: Richard Cawley

In this course, two individual seminar papers had to be submitted, for which an in-depth understanding of marketing was required. The course is ideal if you want to deepen your marketing basics. The lecturer always tried very hard.

Macroeconomics: An Introduction (counted as Macro 2)

Lecturer: Karuna Gomanee

In addition to a midterm exam and a written thesis, smaller homework had to be submitted regularly. The course was more of a repetition of Micro 1 and the level was rather mediocre, but due to homework and weekly group meetings one was always busy. The lecturer was always nice and helpful.

Retail & Channel Management (counted in the elective area)

Lecturer: Isabel da Silva

In this course, a written business plan for an individual start-up project as well as a group presentation for the new development of a corporate strategy had to be presented. The lecturer always tried very hard, but could not convey the material convincingly.

Communication across cultures (counted as Hako)

Lecturer: Robert Johnson

The course was informative and exciting and offered an ideal balance of knowledge to the other business subjects. At this event you had to do two written assignments as well as minor homework.

Living / living

It is definitely a big challenge to find a suitable apartment at a fair price in London. This becomes even more difficult if you are looking for a place to stay in zones 1 or 2. One should deal with this topic well before leaving for London. However, the university will help you find a place to live. If you are looking for a place to stay, the countless groups on Facebook and the homepage are recommended.


The exchange semester was an unforgettable and lasting experience. In addition to the cosmopolitan city of London, where there is always something going on, you have met many people with different backgrounds from all over the world, made lasting friends and, last but not least, improved your English. From an academic point of view, there are definitely more demanding universities, but the differentiated and exciting backgrounds of the countless students as well as the practice-oriented teaching climate have made up for this shortcoming.

As a cosmopolitan city, London has a lot to offer, be it theater, musicals or concerts and is therefore highly recommended for a semester abroad!

Study in Regents University London 11