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Angela Merkel tweets and Barack Obama has a Facebook page. The famous examples show the major changes in our communication in recent years. Smartphones and the Internet provide access to an almost endless amount of information from anywhere in the world. But what are the consequences for our everyday life? Do we meet up with friends less because we prefer to surf on Facebook instead? Will e-readers replace books in the future? Can a large-scale social media campaign influence an election result? Communication scientists grapple with questions like these.

Course content communication sciences

According to, the Communication Studies course is about communication between people. The focus is on mass media such as the Internet, newspapers, radio and television.

Bachelor in Communication Studies

In the bachelor’s degree , the students first learn how communication works very fundamentally and how the media system is structured. You will get to know different genres and formats and research what usage behavior is like and what effects they create on the audience. For example, does our language change through the use of Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter ? The students get to know scientific research methods with which they can get to the bottom of such and similar questions.

In addition, the economic and legal aspects of the media landscape are examined. In the higher semesters, students can then specialize in one aspect of communication science. Depending on the university, you can choose from a focus on journalism , PR or media theory .

Master in Communication Studies

Anyone who would like to qualify for management positions or aspire to a career in science should add a master’s degree to the Bachelor ’s degree . This offers the possibility of further specialization . You can choose from topics such as intercultural communication or political communication.

Possible combinations within the course

The Communication Studies course is offered at many German universities. In some cases, students can choose a further subject such as English studies or political science as part of a two-subject bachelor’s degree .

Personal requirements and (possible) admission criteria

The demand for places in communication studies is great. At most universities, the NC is in the 1s range. Applicants should therefore in any case good marks bring or schedule a wait. In addition to their interest in media and communication, prospective communication scientists also have a certain talent for languages : They analyze texts and media content and, in some cases, English-language specialist literature in a scientifically precise manner.

Career prospects

The Communication Science course does not provide training for a specific professional field. Many graduates would like to work in journalism later on . To do this, they usually have to complete a two-year traineeship in a newspaper office, a publishing house or a radio station after completing their studies.

Even those who want to work in the field of advertising or PR often first have to complete a traineeship in an advertising or PR agency or a press office. Other classic fields of activity for communication scientists can be found in market research and in the management departments of media companies. With a master’s degree , it is also possible to add a doctorate and go into university research and teaching.

Study communication science globally

In order to gain a foothold in professional life, it is advisable to gain practical experience during your studies. This can take the form of internships and study-related jobs. Experience abroad can also noticeably increase the employment opportunities of graduates. One or more semesters abroad during your studies show employers commitment , flexibility and open-mindedness .

In some cases, you can also score points with the course content at the foreign university, which gives the course a completely new profile. Some of the foreign universities have very good technical equipment . The students put what they have learned into practice in their own TV or radio studios. This practical experience is welcomed by future employers – as is foreign language skills.

Study Communication Studies