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The company’s own website, the flyer for the concert of your favorite band or a poster that makes you want a burger – in today’s media society we are exposed to a veritable flood of information . From the abundance of messages, we subconsciously filter out those that visually appeal to us the most.

It is all the more important for companies, restaurants, event agencies and the like to stage their messages professionally . This is where communication designers come in . Your job is to present content in an appealing way. You work with all media and design flyers, posters and catalogs as well as advertising films, websites and apps.

Change in a job description

According to, the job title communication designer is relatively new and replaces the term graphic designer. The renaming of the profession is mainly due to the triumphant advance of digital media and the expanded field of activity of designers .

In contrast to the past, her job is no longer just about the graphic design of print products. Rather, it is now a matter of developing holistic communication strategies.

Study of communication design

The Communication Design course prepares students for the diverse tasks of a communication designer. The students learn to design print media and online media, to plan communication strategies and to develop advertising campaigns or the corporate design for various clients.

Contents of the bachelor’s degree

At the beginning of the bachelor’s program , design is on the program. The students deal with different forms of color design or typography as well as various printing and reproduction techniques. They have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice in the university’s own workshops.

Working with the computer is also part of the curriculum right from the start. The students work with various graphics programs and practice computer-aided design . In courses such as design or art history they learn the theoretical foundations.

In the higher semesters, practical work becomes the focus of the course. The students work on their own projects . As a rule, there is the option of choosing one of several key areas, for example

  • illustration
  • Multimedia design
  • Social Graphic Design
  • Book and editorial design
  • Typography.

Courses in business administration or marketing round off the range of courses and are intended to prepare students for their later professional life . The course concludes with a practical thesis including a scientific thesis.

The master’s degree

Those who intend to gain further qualifications after completing their bachelor’s degree or a few years of professional experience have the opportunity to add a master’s degree in communication design. The courses at Master’s level are usually practice-oriented and offer the opportunity to specialize in one subject. The focus is , for example, on editorial design or interactive media.

From the “portfolio test” to the oral exam – the access barriers

Studies in communication design are possible at technical colleges, art academies and universities.

The entrance exams are usually quite tough and consist of several parts:

  • Applicants must present a portfolio of their own work, which serves as proof of artistic ability.
  • This is followed by oral and practical exams.

Some universities also require relevant pre-study internships . Applicants with outstanding artistic aptitude may also be admitted to the course without a high school diploma or advanced technical college entrance qualification. Already during the entrance examination it becomes clear that applicants need creative talent and creativity for a successful degree. A solid technical understanding is also required. Applicants should also be aware that a large part of their work is done on the computer.

Occupational fields

After completing their studies, many communication designers work in media companies, marketing departments in large companies or in PR and advertising agencies . You design communication strategies, design advertising material, are responsible for the website or look after the social media presence of your company or a client.

Even radio and television stations , cities and towns or event agencies employ communication designers. After a few years of permanent employment, many graduates take the step into self-employment and open their own agency.

Why studying abroad is worthwhile

Communication designers need a feel for customer tastes and current trends. The latter are often born abroad. One or more semesters in another country can be an enriching experience.

Locally communication designers gain insight into a different design scene , make friends and hone the language skills . The collected inspirations as well as the international contacts and intercultural skills often offer advantages for later professional life.

Study Communication Design