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Study Abroad at Bond University (6)

Doing business in Australia

This course covers the different industries of Australia. It gives you a good overview of the Australian economy and teaches you a lot about the country. The aim of the course is to get an idea of ​​the Australian economy in order to start your own business.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit commit4fitness.

The course was a bit boring at times, as certain subject areas were repeated. In addition, the effort was relatively large. You had to write a total of three papers, some of which had to be dealt with in a group. In each of these works you had to write about a specific industry / company, which could be quite exciting. At the end of the semester there was still an exam that covered the entire material of the semester. Given that the exam was relatively fair, provided that you had learned enough, the course was fine.

Adventure Tourism by Nash Robert

The course teaches the basics of adventure tourism. You have three field trips during the semester where you climb, sail and play group games. The course takes place once a week and unfortunately treats the subject rather superficially. For the examination performance, an essay has to be written in which one can bring in personal experience of activities and at the end of the semester a written examination has to be taken. Attendance & Participation makes up ten percent of the overall grade, which is why it is worth attending the events. With enough time invested, it is also possible to write an appropriate grade in this subject.

Marketing by Bronwyn Cribbes

The basic subject Marketing covers the basics of marketing. The event is divided into two blocks per week, both parts of which are interactive lectures. The examinations consist of Attendance & Participation, a group project, a mid-term and an end-term exam. The group project is not to be underestimated and should be completed with motivated students so that you get a decent grade.

Cross Culture Management by Lars Isaksson

This course gives an insight into cross culture management processes, which one has to understand in order to be able to conduct business successfully in an international environment. There is an understanding of the characteristics of different cultures and how to deal with them. Lars Isaksson, the lecturer, has worked as a consultant in over 52 countries. He knows the problems only too well when different cultures clash and can therefore offer a wide variety of interesting solutions.

The course took place twice a week for two hours (Tuesday & Thursday) and consisted of various partial services that had to be performed continuously. First of all, it is important to attend the events as often as possible, as attendance and participation are graded (10%). After about seven weeks, the first exam takes place, which makes up 20% of the overall grade. This exam tests your theoretical knowledge (content from the textbook). Then you have to give a presentation about a country as part of a group work and make recommendations on how to do business successfully in that country. As part of this group work, you have to hand in a group journal at the end of the semester, which describes how the collaboration went and what you could learn from it (40%). Also at the end of the semester you have to take an open book exam (1x A4 page double-sided). This gives you a case that you have to work on. The questions on the exam are pretty practical and want to check what you were able to take away from the course and what recommendations you as a consultant can give so that the problem can be solved in the case (30%).

I would highly recommend this course as you can find out a lot about yourself and others. Since Bond University is a very multicultural university, it was very interesting to learn from the attending students from all over the world, as part of very interesting role-plays, what the cultural differences are and how to deal with them.


Entpreneurship by Audun Fiskerund

The lecturer of the course is a legend at Bond: 5 completed courses at Bond, involved in several start-ups and owners of a nightclub and party organizer in Surfers Paradise. The lecturer is always well prepared and conveys the content with great enthusiasm. In terms of content, the course is divided into two parts: On the one hand, 5 basic theories on entrepreneurship are dealt with, and on the other hand, the so-called Effectuation Principles are looked at, which are intended to help entrepreneurship. The Effectuation Principles are interesting and instructive, while the theories tend to be a tedious supplement. The course consists of a weekly 3-hour lecture, for each of which a theory and an effectuation principle must be read in advance. At the beginning of the lesson, what you have read is presented in a short Q & A session queried. The examinations consist of a mid-term, a final exam and a feasability study (7-8 pages & 7min presentation), in which the feasibility of your own business idea must be checked. The learning curve for the exams is comparatively high, as a lot of detailed knowledge is required. The time invested is also rewarded with correspondingly good to very good grades. The course can definitely be recommended, especially working out the Feasability Study is fun and very instructive.

Studying at Bond University