Year 12 Extension Program Bond University

Study Abroad at Bond University (3)


If you decide on accommodation at Bond, you basically have three different options: One of the numerous gated communities around Bond (off-campus), on-campus or accommodation a little outside of Robina.

The reserve

The Reserve is a gated community 5 minutes’ walk from Bond. Also within walking distance is the Market Square, an area with many small restaurants, shopping for the essentials and a bottle shop for the thirsty. The bus connection to Robina / Broadbeach / Burleigh can also be reached within a few minutes.

Overall, the housing estate is luxuriously furnished and offers students the option of living in shared apartments with two or three people. The apartments are practically always very spacious, always furnished and all have a large balcony. The quality of the equipment can differ from apartment to apartment, but you will always find a very acceptable level. Another advantage is that the apartments are equipped with the necessary small items for the kitchen. Nevertheless, some things still have to be bought according to personal requirements. For those who cannot bring their own bed linen to Australia due to space problems in their suitcase, the Reserve offers a “Linen Package” with all the necessary utensils for AUD 185.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit aristmarketing.

The complex itself offers a large pool with a sandy beach and loungers, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, paddling pool, a BBQ area and free parking spaces. It should be noted here that during our semester the pool was closed for the most part due to repairs, which was very annoying on the hot Australian spring days.

The reserve reception is generally willing to help you – smaller matters and repair work are usually commissioned immediately and are dealt with within a reasonable period of time. In our experience, it depends very much on how you interact with the people at reception. A friendly small talk and a smile can do a lot more here than an annoyed and critical appearance. During our semester, the entire management of the reserve was changed, which is why some things were forgotten and a second alert was necessary.

Internet: WLAN is available on the entire facility. This works, but does not always offer the advertised “Ultra Fast” connection. There are different price plans available, which are paid monthly. Tip: Up to 8 devices can log in per account. This is enough for 4 people (1 cell phone & laptop each) and so the costs can be shared among several people.

As a student you can apply online directly on the homepage ( and it is advisable to start as early as possible (after receiving the offer letter from Bond), as the apartments are quite popular. The prices for a room with a shared bathroom in a 3-person flat share are AUD 275 per week or AUD 290 per week for the master bedroom with its own bathroom.

Basically, the reserve can definitely be recommended. The ideal location to the university and Market Square as well as the luxurious furnishings of the apartments and the complex make life here pleasant and exude a holiday feeling. Disadvantages are the comparatively high price and the sometimes tedious management.

The two gated communities “The Retreat” and “The Cape”, which offer a standard similar to that of the Reserve, are directly adjacent.

Varsity Shores

The Varsity Shores are another popular housing estate, consisting of individual houses with space for 4-7 people and are also within walking distance of Bond. Only the Market Square with the restaurants and shops is a bit further away, as the Shores are on the other side of the Bond. The houses are also furnished, but smaller than those of the Reserve and less luxuriously equipped. The complex offers, among other things, two pools and a BBQ area. The rental prices are also a lot lower than in reserve. While the rules regarding home parties are pretty strict in the reserve (AUD 300 buses if you party too loud!), A legendary party often takes place in the Shores, to which you can also get access;)


Another option is to apply for on-campus accommodation in the “blocks”. These belong to the bond and cannot be recommended in principle. On the one hand, certainly because you are committed to a meal plan and are bound to the food in the university cafeteria “Brasserie”.

Year 12 Extension Program Bond University