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Study Abroad at Bond University (23)

Bond University and courses

There are many courses in the master’s area. Online enrollment is easy. I signed up for the Marketing Fundamentals and Behavior in Organizations courses. I can recommend both. However, EVERYONE at the university complained about the group work. You can see which courses include group work in the course information on the university’s website. I consciously chose courses WITH group work. In retrospect, however, I have to admit that this was not a good idea. The group members are sometimes put together by the instructor. You then always have at least 1-2 group members who only participate a little or who do not appear. The work then sticks to the other. In addition, some only have the right to pass the course. Getting a 2 is extremely easy. A 1 is also possible with some effort. Group work can take your grades down. Each group member receives the same grade for the group performance.

Otherwise, most courses take place once a week. That’s three hours per course per week. I do not recommend doing more than three courses in a semester abroad. You already have a lot of homework, presentations and exams to do. But everything can be done well. My English wasn’t the best now. The academic standards are lower than in Germany. But you have to do continuously. Quantity instead of quality describes that very well.

The support from the professors is very good. Emails are answered immediately and appointments can be made. There is also Student Learning Support (SLS) that proofreads homework. Here you can clearly see that you are studying at a private university. The campus is very clean and well-kept.


Overall, after a few days or weeks, I got to know great people there and had a lot of experiences. With my previous summer semester in CaliforniaI can’t compare this time because Australia is really much quieter, the university is very small and the average age of the students is extremely young. The area is particularly quiet. If you are not older than 22 and like Australia, this is the place for you. For myself, I’ve decided that studying in the US is a lot cooler. However, Australia is a much better choice for living and working. Just being able to make this comparison is a very important experience. You can’t read that in any book that you experience yourself. I hope to see some of the people I met there again. I felt comfortable there and I would like to visit the area again.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit militarynous.

I am studying international business and have therefore spent my 5th semester abroad. If your home university doesn’t have a partner university program and can help you with the entire application process, I can only recommend everyone to do the whole thing through MicroEDU. With MicroEDU you always have a fast, reliable contact person for all your questions. The application process at the foreign university is super easy, because you do not apply directly to the university but pass on all the necessary documents to MicroEDU and they will take care of everything else for you

Bond University is a very expensive university, but it also offers a lot for the money, and it also has the Bond trimester, which personally made it a little easier for me to go to Australia after the German summer semester. Due to the four courses that can be taken, the trimesters are recognized as a complete semester in Germany.

I have the courses “ Event Marketing & Sponsorship ”, “ Digital and Direct Marketing ”, “ Human Resource Management ” and “ Image & Photography”“Occupied and I am still satisfied with my selection. In my opinion, the quality of the lectures is very good and I was able to learn a lot in the short time. However, one should not underestimate the learning effort, it is much higher than in Germany and you not only have an exam at the end of the semester, but mostly midterm exams and / or presentations or small tests in between. But don’t panic, everything can be done, even if it might seem impossible at the beginning;) The lecturers are always very helpful, even outside of the lectures.

As a Bond student, you can use the complete range of sports facilities for free (gym, pool, tennis court, etc.), the Multimedia Learning Center is open 24/7 and offers TVs for watching DVDs, game consoles and PCs. Bond also has a lot of clubs to join. These clubs will be presented in the first week, the O-Week, among others. The O-Week is not to be missed, lots of parties, activities and free barbecues to meet new people.

There are several options for living. On the one hand “on campus” in the dormitory directly on campus or in the Varsity Shores (approx. 500m away from campus), on the other hand “off campus” in the Cape or Reserve, both residential buildings with large apartments directly behind the campus. A third option is host families who live in the vicinity of the campus.

With the “on campus” dormitory variant, you book a meal plan, so to speak, which is also paid for with the rent. This means you have money on your Student ID card and can “pay” with the card in the cafeteria and cafes on campus. In the Varsity Shores there are complete houses that are rented out to students. I didn’t live there myself, but I know that most of the houses are fully equipped and that up to 5 people can live in one house. The Varsity Shores are known for being the party corner on campus. Often the student parties start in one of the houses before they go to the student pub on campus and then take a shuttle to Surfers Paradise. The apartments in the Cape and Reserve are mostly for two people and very spacious. Usually there is a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a bedroom with the bathroom in the hallway. The apartments, like the houses in the Varsity Shores, are usually quite well equipped. A cleaning service comes once a week, but you still have to take care of your own bedroom and washing up;)

I had decided to live with a host family and can only recommend it if you want to get to know the “real” Australian life in addition to student life 😉 The advantage compared to the student apartments is that you care about (almost) nothing You have to take care of yourself, especially the food, but you also have to adhere to certain family rules. Nevertheless, you have a lot of freedom and in the end it is just like living in a shared flat about peaceful living together.

Even if everyday university life is a big change and a lot is demanded of you during the semester, there is still enough time to explore the area and to travel over the weekend. In the travel agency on campus you can easily book weekend trips such as Byron Bay, Whitsundays, Fraser Island or Uluru. Despite the many great offers, I would recommend everyone to exhaust their student visa to the end and to travel around the country for up to four weeks after the semester.

All in all, I can only recommend the semester abroad at Bond University, I learned a lot and gained impressions and experiences that I won’t soon forget.

Prof. John Farrar Bond University