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Study Abroad at Bond University (16)

As part of the Study Abroad program, I spent a trimester at Bond University in Australia from September to December 2009. In summary, I can say in advance that it was absolutely worth it and that it was definitely the best time of my studies.


Here you can see immediately where part of the very high tuition fees is going. The campus is very modern and well-kept and leaves one or the other astonished.The equipment of the classrooms and other student facilities is also top notch. In addition to a completely renovated and very chic library, there is also a multimedia learning center, which has several group workstations with large LCDs. Game consoles (PS3, XBox360) are also installed there, which can be used at any time. The selection of dishes is also generous, with a really good restaurant as well as several cafes and bistros. However, the prices are sometimes quite steep and in no way comparable to German universities. Those who want to do sports are also well catered for at Bond University. In addition to a fitness studio with service and support staff, there is a 50 meter Olympic pool, several beach volleyball courts, as well as a total of 5 tennis courts. There is also a multi-purpose gym, in which all kinds of sports are offered. If you want to take advantage of this extensive offer, you have to spend a few additional dollars for the Student Activity Membership.

Course offer & course level

To be able to complete the Study Abroad program, you have to take at least three courses with 10 credits each. A fourth course is optional and possible at no extra charge. During my stay, I completed a total of four postgraduate courses. These included: Value Chain Analysis, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Building Customer Relationships and Strategy. The learning effort, as well as the level, strongly depended on the courses attended. For one of the events, for example, you had to read several scientific papers a week and prepare them for a discussion, which took a relatively long time. Since you don’t want to attract negative attention in the small study groups (sometimes there were only five of us), you have usually prepared yourself well for it. For all subjects, in addition to a mid and final exam, group work (in the form of presentations and papers) and, in some cases, additional individual services (assignments, presentations) were required. Overall, the learning curve was significantly higher than in Germany, but the level was mostly a bit lower because more emphasis is placed on practice than on scientific theories. Overall, I liked the Australian system better, because you always know how you are doing because of the many individual performances. And with a little hard work, very good grades are much easier to get than at German universities.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit ezinereligion.


The Gold Coast and especially Surfers Paradise often split the opinion of travelers. What I really like is the mostly perfect weather and the very beautiful beaches (such as Burleigh Heads). A trip into the hinterland, where you can admire nature parks (e.g. Springbrook National Park), is also worthwhile. For those who like it a little faster, the Gold Coast naturally also offers a lot of activities. Starting with all the amusement parks and shopping streets, to surfing to the extensive nightlife of Surfers Paradise, there is really a lot on offer here. However, it has to be said that it is not necessarily for everyone. At the weekend, Surfers Paradise can best be compared to a mixture of Miami, Ibiza and Mallorca. Who likes that

Finally, a few valuable tips:

  • As an airline, I can fully recommend Asiana Airlines. These fly via Seoul to Sydney at low prices with really good service. My return flight cost “only” € 750. From Sydney you can then fly cheaply (under 100 Aus $) to the Gold Coast (eg with Virgin Blue).
  • If you want to withdraw money free of charge from all ATMs, you should get a DKB Visa Card. It worked flawlessly!
  • If you are looking for accommodation close to the university, where you can get to know a lot of people very quickly, you should take a closer look at the Varsity Shores. But you shouldn’t wait too long here, as this accommodation is very popular (especially with Study Abroad students)
  • After the end of the semester, definitely plan a little round trip and reward yourself for the last but sometimes exhausting weeks

Ideas camp Bond University