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In itself, the level of bond is not difficult. I would say we get along quite well there with our German academic standard. (So ​​don’t be afraid of it.) But due to the different examinations, there is actually always something to do during the entire time. Nevertheless, with a little learning, nothing stands in the way of high distinction or at least distinction.

Tip!!: You will be asked to buy books for the individual subjects. Here you can either enter the Facebook “Textbook exchange” and buy used books or you can not buy any books. (At least they are not an absolute must to pass the subject or to have good grades. (My impression))


There are several housing options near the Bond, such as:

The reserve

The Reserve is a 5-minute walk from Bond University. With a view of the surrounding lake and a system pool and BBQ area, it offers great opportunities. There are also restaurants, cafes and a supermarket nearby, but in general it is not cheap, so you pay 800-900 euros a month for a room.

Vasity Tower

Unfortunately, I can’t say that much about that as I have never seen them (only from the outside). But you are also only a few minutes’ walk from the campus.

Varsity Shores

In Varsity Shores you live with 3-4 people, everyone has their own bathroom and you share the kitchen and living room. In my opinion the best living because you live with several people. The decor is completely ok and you can live well there. In my opinion, I can only recommend it! However, the accommodations should vary in terms of the equipment and some should not be too good.

I myself got an apartment through Airbnb, in Burleigh Waters (15 minutes’ walk from the university). I didn’t live directly at the university, but I got to know Australian life. I shared a house with an Australian roomate. We got on well and I got to know many others through him. Burleigh is also a great place to live as it is very close to the beach.

In general, I can only recommend you, if you already have the opportunity, look for something near the beach. You don’t necessarily have to live near the university.

Cost / cost of living

That depends a lot on you !! Australia as a country is a bit more expensive from a German point of view.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit ethnicityology.

I paid around 680 euros a month for my apartment. This included everything like electricity and internet. But I know that this price was relatively good. Others paid more in some cases.

Beer and wine are also much more expensive (6-8 euros are normal prices for a beer or wine in a restaurant).

Eating out can also be sometimes more expensive, although there are often so-called deals in Australia ! (E.g. Burleigh Hotel: Parmesan Chicken and beer for $ 10 every evening).

I myself almost always went to Aldi for shopping, which is actually the cheapest. But Coles and Woolworth are also good and not overly expensive. Just don’t go to small supermarkets, they are expensive!

Tip: Get an Aldi Sim card for your mobile phone!

In order to lead a good life in Australia, you should plan at least 500 euros a month for living expenses and free time (plus apartment). If you still want to travel, you should of course plan more. As I said, it depends a lot on you !!


I didn’t find the O-Week particularly helpful. A whole week is not necessary for this. Take the campus tour so that you know what is where and that’s actually enough.

But of course, maybe you make some contacts.

Closing word

Australia is a beautiful country with many different beaches and the Gold Coast in particular offers an easygoing life. Just the typical surfing area.

In that time you will learn a lot, meet many cultures and, above all, make new friends!

Basically there is a lot to discover: Brisbane, Byron Bay, kangaroos, waterfalls, and, and, and…

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Studying in the surfer’s paradise? Escape the cold winter and study for four months in sunny Australia?

These and other factors, such as Australia’s diverse landscape, led to my decision to spend my semester abroad on the Gold Coast.
My fascination for Australia was already awakened back then after completing a four-week language stay after completing my Abitur. From then on it was clear: Australia is a destination that needs more than just four weeks to experience the diversity of the landscape. Another factor that spoke in favor of Australia was the openness and warmth of the Australians that I was able to experience during my stay at that time. The positive Australian mentality was a decisive factor in my decision when choosing Australia as a destination for my semester abroad.

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