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Study Abroad at Bond University (13)

Application process

The application process is easy with MicroEDU. You have to collect the necessary documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, assessment letter, high school diploma, etc.) and send it to MicroEDU, they will take care of the rest and are always at your side if you have any questions. An answer usually comes within a few hours !

For me personally, my Abitur grade was good enough that I didn’t have to take an English test. So pay attention to your certificate and take a closer look, so you can save a bit of money.

After the documents have arrived at MicroEDU, you have received confirmation from Bond University very quickly (four to six weeks). First you get an offer from the university and when you have confirmed this and transferred the money, you get the certificate. This is then required for the visa. The visa is very easy to apply for and you can usually get it in a few hours. I had a student visa myself, but a work and holiday visa is also possible (which is much cheaper). In any case, discuss this with the university again so that there are no discrepancies.


The university campus is very impressive. Everything is very new and huge. In the middle there is a lake (see photo).

You have a large gym with a training pool and various courses that you can all use, as you pay the costs with the tuition fees. There is also a rugby field and tennis courts, volleyball teams, dance teams and, and, and. In terms of sport, you definitely have a huge range.

On campus there is a library with a cafe, computers and learning rooms, all of which are optimally equipped. It is also a bit crowded during the exam times, but you can always find a place.

There is also a bar and a restaurant on campus. I never ate there though as I found it a little overpriced. But there are free-drink dispensers (even carbonated water). You can always use this to fill up your bottles.

Basically, the drinks and food at the university are very expensive and there are no student discounts or student prices (a coffee around 2.70 euros).

Those who are used to campus life at home will not find it again at Bond University. This could also be due to the fact that I was there during the Australian winter time and there weren’t too many students there at that time. Nonetheless, I’ve heard from many other students that the campus is rather quiet throughout the year.

Bond University organizes many events, especially in Don`s (bar on campus) there is something going on every Thursday, free pizza is also served. There are also various other events hosted by Bond. I can highly recommend the Facebook groups “Bond University and Busa” for this, so you are guaranteed to get all the events.

Bond University is very multicultural – many different cultures, so you will find friends from all over the world. It is very interesting to get to know different cultures in this way!:-)


I personally took three courses, which is the minimum required to meet the visa requirements. You can generally choose up to four courses. But honestly, if three subjects are enough, only take three ! You will have enough work with that. Because unlike at German universities, there are different examinations within each subject in Australia. Each subject consists of exams, group work and term papers. But that depends on the subject. The best thing to do is to look at the subject outline beforehand to know which exams are required.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit estatelearning.

I had the following courses:

Behavior in organization

This subject consisted of two group presentations, a Self Reflective Essay and a Final Exam. The lecturer “Danny” was great, so the subject was fun! I also had a great group with whom I did my project.

Marketing Fundamental

If you’ve had marketing in college before, you won’t learn anything new. I chose it to be honest, to make it a little easier for me. This subject consisted of a mid and final exam and a group work in which we had to make a marketing plan including a presentation. Again, I was lucky with my group and with the lecturer (Rafi), so the subject was fun and I can definitely recommend it!

Market Research

This subject consisted of a mid and final exam, a group work in which we had to create a qualitative and quantitative report. The subject itself was interesting and the lecturer was good ! If it hadn’t been for this group… 🙂

And there we come to the topic… Group work is very popular at Bond University and happens a lot! My tip to you: If you can, look for good groups !! It’s best to see who is motivated in the first two weeks and ask him! Otherwise you will have wonderful weeks with exertion, discussions and stress.

There are some cultural differences and we Germans are structured, punctual and we mainly come to agreed group appointments. (I tell you, you will get to know other things.)

Another tip: check everything your group members do and whether they do it.

Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery