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Study Abroad at Bond University (10)


Like us back then, you are probably already looking forward to the start week at Bond University. During this week Don’s (student bar) is packed with people and therefore certainly the reason why you have an unforgettable evening.

After the start week, an event takes place in Don’s every Thursday evening, although we didn’t visit it very much because the student bar was pretty empty. Only the mid-semester, Halloween and end-semester parties were really worthwhile. After these parties at Don’s there is always a bus that takes the students to Surfers Paradise.

Bond Stock Week is also an important part of parties. This takes place during the 2nd week of the semester. Various parties are held this week. For us, these parties were a bit of a disappointment, mostly because they were quite expensive. Still, it was a good week as you could still get to know a lot of students. So if you want to attend some of these parties, we recommend that you buy your tickets early enough as these events sell out pretty quickly.

Apart from the student parties, you can of course also celebrate extensively. In Surfers Paradise (approx. 15-20 minutes by car) there are countless nightclubs, some of which are open throughout the week.

On Saturday we would recommend going to Broadbeach (approx. 15 minutes by car) to party there. There are also some clubs and the nightlife is much more pleasant than in surfers. The “Envy” club, for which you don’t have to pay admission, was our favorite.

Regarding prices, one can say that these are about the same as in Switzerland or a little cheaper, since the Australian dollar is relatively low compared to the Swiss franc. At the student parties at Don’s, you pay 5 AUD for an alcoholic drink.


Anyone interested in the national sport of surfing should attend at least a two-day surf course at the beginning, if possible in Byron Bay. If this motivates you so much that you want to buy a surfboard, that’s great, of course. There are about as many surfboards on the Gold Coast as there are sand on the sea. If you have a smaller budget, you can buy your surfboard on Gumtree or in a second-hand surf shop. If you want to spend a little more money on a surfboard (which, by the way, is totally worth it!), You have to be a little careful. The prices in the various surf shops can sometimes differ dramatically. I generally advise against buying an imported surfboard from China, for example. The quality is inferior, the price is usually overpriced and if you want to resell the surfboard, you will get significantly less for it. So I recommend buying a surfboard from a local shaper. These are quality surfboards that are ridden by professionals. For example, I bought a Darren Handley Designs (DHD) surfboard and was overjoyed with it. Perfect paddling properties and sufficient speed and maneuverability in the waves. If you want to buy such a surfboard, I can recommend the Board Culture Community Surf Store on Mermaid Beach. The prices are fair and the advice is tremendously good. DHD boards are, for example, ridden by Mick Fanning (Australian from the Gold Coast), who, along with Kelly Slater, is one of the world’s best surfers.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit dentistrymyth.

If you’ve bought a surfboard, you have to know where the conditions are best for surfing and at what time. I recommend the Surfnet website, which provides you with all the information you need and live cams with sufficient information about the conditions. There are several world-famous surfing spots on the Gold Coast, with some more suitable for beginners than others. Beach breaks in Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Nobby Beach and Miami are suitable for beginners, depending on the wave height. Best for beginners, however, is the point break in Currumbin. As a beginner you should keep your hands off the point breaks Snapper Rocks and Burleigh Heads, as the conditions there are rather difficult (currents, high waves, etc.) and should be left to the professionals. The best surfer is basically the one that has the most fun and the most fun is when you can ride a lot of waves. It is therefore advisable to buy a surfboard that suits your skills and that you surf at spots that are suitable. You should also think about how to get to the different spots. If you want to enjoy surfing, you should buy a car that either has enough space in the interior or racks on the roof to transport the surfboard.There is nothing better than paddling out into the sunrise on a surfboard at 5.30 a.m., riding some waves and then heading to university with full energy!

Activity in the region

  • Byron Bay; 1 hour’s drive south, don’t miss the Cheeky Monkey, surf weekend organized by Bond Uni
  • Jupiters Casino, 15 minutes drive

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