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Education is highly valued in South Korea and the study background determines whether an individual can advance in society and become socially accepted in certain groups.

In international comparisons of school results, South Korea tends to be very high, but the effects of the intense pressure on students are lively debated. The critics believe that fixation on test results can make a deeper understanding of the various subjects possible.

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South Korea has a centralized school system where education is free of charge from six to fifteen years of age. After preschool between the ages of four and six, nine compulsory school years follow. Then there are three-year colleges and two- or three-year vocational schools. A high proportion of household spending goes to children’s further education.

The proportion of college students is among the highest in Asia.

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Proportion of children starting primary school

96.1 percent (2016)

Number of pupils per teacher in primary school

16 (2016)



North Korea interrupts communication with South Korea

June 9

Pyongyang stops the daily phone calls made with Seoul through a special joint office in the North Korean border city of Kaesong, which was set up by the countries in 2018 to manage the contacts. A “hotline” between the leaders of both countries and all military communications is also interrupted. The reason for Pyongyang’s actions is said to be balloons with regime-critical leaflets sent across the border from South Korea. But relations between the countries have cooled down because of the locked state of the talks between North Korea and the United States.


Former North Korean top diplomat elected in parliament

April 16

A North Korean defender, who was a deputy ambassador to the UK but fled to South Korea in 2016, gets a parliamentary seat in the election. Thae Yong-Ho, candidate for the Conservative United Future Party for a constituency in Seoul’s rich Gangnam district.

The Democratic Party guarantees absolute majority in the election

April 15

Despite the corona crisis, parliamentary elections are held. In the polling stations, control is strict and people have to keep a distance, check their body temperature and use hand spirit. The election results show that many South Koreans are satisfied with how President Moon Jae-In has handled the corona epidemic in the country. The spread of infection has been limited by strict control and sampling. President Moon Jae-Ins The Democratic Party gets a full 163 seats in the election and will, including the support party Together Citizens’ seats, be able to control 180 of Parliament’s 300 seats. No major party has had such a party since the late 1980s in South Korea. The main competitor, the United Future Party, gets 103 seats and its support party, the Korean Future Party, gets 19.


The central bank warns of economic downturn

March 2

As a consequence of the rapid spread of the corona virus, the central bank warns of falling growth figures during the first quarter of 2020. South Korea has continued to have the highest number of infected, over 4000, outside China where the virus first broke out (see also February). About twenty people have died.


Military exercises with the United States are postponed

February 27th

The outbreak of the corona virus in South Korea causes a planned military exercise with the US to be postponed. Both countries would have carried out a coordination exercise on a smaller scale. The countries have reduced the scope of the annual exercises since the negotiations on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program got a fresh start in 2018. This is not to annoy North Korea, which sees the exercises as preparations for a future invasion of the country.

Many were infected by the corona virus

February 23

More than 550 South Koreans have been infected by the corona virus and two people have died. It is the highest number of infected in any country outside China, where the virus was first detected (see China: Calendar January 2020). Almost everyone who is infected is a member of a religious sect in the cities of Daegu and Cheongdo. The authorities have increased emergency preparedness in the cities and are urging residents to stay indoors.

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