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According to thesciencetutor, South Georgia (English: South Georgia) is an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is part of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom). In terms of location, South Georgia can be counted with both Antarctica and South America. The capital of South Georgia is King Edward Point.

South Georgia is governed from the nearby Falkland Islands. Despite South Georgia being established as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, the island is also claimed by Argentina. In the past, the island was used for whaling and as a military base. Since 2001, the island no longer has an official destination. At the moment there are only research stations and a museum. South Georgia is only accessible to tourists by expedition ship. South Georgia is best known for its flora and fauna. Due to its location, the island attracts many birds, seals and penguins. Every year more than 30 million birds come to hatch their eggs on the island. As a result, there is also a large population of rats. The landscape is mountainous with peaks above 2,000 meters. See 3rjewelry for other cities and countries as well as history, economy and culture in South America .

Where is South Georgia located?

Travel information of South Georgia

Official name: South Georgia
Continent: South America and Antarctica
Area: 3,093 km²
Capital: King Edward Point (Grytviken)
Country code: GS, SGS
Population: 30 inhabitants (2006)
Form of government: Overseas territory of the United Kingdom
Highest point: 2,935 m (Mount Paget)
Distance (Amsterdam – King Edward Point): 12,465 km

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Weather and climate
South Georgia has a tundra climate. In the summer months the temperatures are around 5 degrees. In the winter months, temperatures are around 0 to -5 degrees.
The current weather (weather forecast) and a weather forecast for South Georgia can be found on our extensive weather page.
Detailed information about the climate of South Georgia can be found at Climate info.

Best time
January is the best month to travel to South Georgia. In this month the temperatures are pleasant and you have the greatest chance of spotting wildlife.

English is the official language on South Georgia.
Would you like to translate from or into English for free? Use the Google translator for this.

Travel documents
You must have a passport that is still valid for 3 months upon departure from South Georgia.
A visa is not necessary.

Embassies and consulates
Below is an overview of relevant diplomatic representations, including addresses and contact details.
Netherlands Embassy in the United Kingdom (also for South Georgia):
Embassy of the United Kingdom in the Netherlands:
United Kingdom Consulate in the Netherlands:
For urgent assistance, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24/7 on +31247247247.

Vaccination (inoculation)
You do not need any vaccinations to visit South Georgia.

Money and Currency Affairs
South Georgia is paid with the pound sterling (GBP).
The current position of this currency (currency, currency) can be found on our exchange rate page.
There are no ATMs in South Georgia.

Time difference
During our summer time it is 4 hours earlier in South Georgia.
During our winter time it is 3 hours earlier in South Georgia.
South Georgia has no difference in winter time and summer time.
Find the local time, date and time zone for South Georgia on our time difference page.

There are no facilities for tourists on South Georgia.
A plug is therefore not applicable.

Emergency services
If you need help from the police, fire brigade and/or ambulance in an emergency, you can use the emergency numbers below.
– Police: unknown
– Fire brigade: unknown
– Ambulance: unknown

Tap water
It is not recommended to drink water from the tap.
If you are unable to buy bottled water, use a water purifier to purify the water or boil the water for 5 minutes. After this you can safely use it as drinking water and for things like brushing teeth, cleaning lenses and washing vegetables and / or fruit. More information about drinking water and/or the purchase of water purification products can be found on our drinking water page.

News and newspapers
The latest news related to South Georgia can be found on Google news.
South Georgia Online Newspaper: Sartma.

Websites from South Georgia end
South Georgia official website:

There is no telephone traffic on South Georgia.
This is also why South Georgia does not have a country code.

Photos and videos
On Flickr you will find a nice collection of photos of South Georgia.
On Youtube you will find a nice collection of videos from South Georgia.

Nature and world heritage
An overview of the protected nature areas (including national parks, reserves and wildlife parks) in South Georgia can be found on Protected Planet.
South Georgia is not on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Relevant legislation
Below you will find relevant laws and regulations that you may encounter during your visit to South Georgia.
– Alcohol: Buying and/or drinking from the age of 18.
– Alcohol and traffic: The maximum permitted alcohol content is 0.8.
– Tobacco: Buy from the age of 18, smoke from the age of 16.
– Smoking ban: In public places.
– Homosexuality: Allowed

Did you know…
…South Georgia is part of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands?
…South Georgia was a base for sealers in the 18th century?
…South Georgia was a base for whalers in the 19th century?
…South Georgia is only accessible by expedition ship?

South Georgia Flag PNG Image