Silver Star, Canada

According to timedictionary, Silver Star is located in the province of British Columbia, the nearest airport is only about an hour away from there. The resort has a National Training Center where the Canadian national cross-country ski team hones their skills every year – so the tracks and conditions for cross-country skiing are excellent there. The height difference in the resort is 760 m, five chairlifts and four rope tows, 107 slopes (mostly of an average level). “Borderers” will enjoy two fan parks and two half-pipes.

How to get there

Getting to Silver Star, which is the name of the resort in Canada, is quite simple. The plane lands in Kelowna, from there tourists are brought to Vernon, and this is only a 30-minute drive, and finally, after another half an hour, they are in the heart of one of the best resorts in Canada.

The resort itself is located in the Okanagan Valley. And it is here, not far from the resort, that the lake of the same name is located. By the way, this is also a good place for a tourist trip.

According to transporthint, Silver Star Ski Resort is not just a resort, it is also the training base of the Canadian national cross-country ski team. Every year, it is at this ski resort that the best skiers and skiers in Canada improve their skills, and this is definitely worth a look. This show is simply not to be missed.

Slopes and slopes

The ski resort has 107 pistes of various levels of difficulty, but mostly they are simple pistes and pistes of an average level. And only 7 ski slopes can be considered very difficult to pass, and they will succumb only to the most experienced athletes – skiers, or those lovers of skiing who are constantly improving their skills.

The cost of a ski pass, that is, a kind of permission to use a particular lift, is $ 39 for children, and $ 75 for adults. These are prices for 1 day. A seasonal ski pass will cost more – for an adult the price will be $ 860, for a child $ 370. However, it should be borne in mind that people over 64 and under 6 years old are not allowed on the ski slope in the Silver Star.

And if you do not like skiing and are completely indifferent to skiing on a flat track, then snowboarding tracks will definitely not leave you indifferent. 2 half-pipe trails will delight the snowboarder. Having tried at least once to ride this snow pipe, you want to do it again and again.

There are also two parks with all kinds of entertainment for both adults and children. It is not for nothing that this resort is considered the best resort for family holidays.

There is also another winter fun here – boardercross – riding a board on a special track. This, of course, is not an activity for beginners. But worth a try. Feelings will be simply indescribable! Well, those who are attracted by just calm skiing can ride for their own pleasure on a flat ski track, which is 8 kilometers long.

  • Slopes of the Silver Star


In addition to ski slopes, boardercross and half-pipe, you can also ride dog sleds, snowshoes, and take helicopter tours in the vicinity of the ski resort. Well, for those who prefer skiing, there is always a first-class skating rink open here. The maintenance staff monitors the condition of the ice day and night, and as soon as the slightest flaws appear, they are instantly corrected.

And you can ride a real snowmobile! And these walks are made in groups under the guidance of a guide and an experienced instructor. These walks are the real snow fun that you should definitely try. Snowmobiles are called snowmobiles here, they are all brand new, they all undergo a full technical inspection every year and are an incredibly popular tourist attraction.


Many bars, restaurants, pubs and simple cafes make the stay in the Silver Star even more comfortable. After all, after skiing or skating, sometimes you just want to sit and relax in a pleasant environment, and at the same time drink a cup of hot tea with a national Canadian bun. Well, in the evening, all visitors to the ski resort are waiting for discos, which sound the most modern and best music.

Of course, holidays in the Silver Star ski resort cannot be called cheap. It is an order of magnitude higher than rest in any other similar place. But it is Severnaya Zvezda that attracts with its extraordinary popularity, its high-level service and its simply perfect ski slopes. Thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world constantly come here. Here they get such impressions and take home such emotions that homebodies can only dream of. And the Silver Star ski resort simply deserves its honorary title of the best ski resort in Canada.