Gozo, Malta

Sights of Gozo, Malta

According to allcitycodes, Gozo is the second island of the country of Malta. The island has a huge attraction for culture lovers and tourists who do not need the hustle and bustle of the tourist places on the island. Gozo therefore has its own identity. It is mainly seen by most tourists as the most authentic island. In addition to attractive villages and pieces of beautiful nature, Gozo also offers excellent opportunities for sporty people. In addition to diving, you can go on wonderful long walks on Gozo, which will allow you to absorb the island even more.

Top 10 things to do in Gozo

#1. Azure Window
On the west coast of the island is a beautiful natural bridge that bears the name Azure Window. It owes this name to the image you get when you look through the opening from the rocks. The azure blue sea forms a beautiful contrast with the hard rocks.

#2. Victoria (Rabat)
By many people, especially the inhabitants, the capital of Gozo is called ‘Rabat’. This largest city on the island has a number of nice sights. There are a number of museums to visit and, for example, the defense castle from the Bronze Age. This mentions with the Citadel. Gozo Cathedral is worth a visit. It dates from the 17th century and is dedicated to Mary. The design is due to Lorenzo Gafa, who is also responsible for the majestic cathedral of Mdina in Malta.

#3. The Citadel
This place in Victoria has a great attraction for all visitors. The defensive castle therefore stands high above the city. This was of course very important in the past because from here the country was defended against intruders and therefore there had to be good visibility. This great view can be experienced from the towers. The Citadel also houses the beautiful cathedral designed by the Maltese Lorenzo Gafa. You will also find a prison museum, the archaeological museum, the folkloric museum and the biological museum within the walls.

#4. Dwejra Point
On the west coast of the island of Gozo you will find Dwejra Point, which is known as the most beautiful dive site on the island. Here, near the coast, is the stately ‘Rock of the General’ (Il-Gebla tal-General) with its Qawra Tower, through which people could be hoisted up on this difficult to reach rock. Dwejra Point is also known for its inland sea ‘Fungus Rock’, where you can swim undisturbed. The entire area around this is ideal for diving and snorkeling.

#5. Temples of Ggantija
In 1827, the ancient megalithic temples of the island of Gozo were excavated near the town of Xagħra. The specially designed stone parties date from the period 3600-2500 BC. Many tools and utensils have been found around this area. These temples still arouse much curiosity and questions.

#6. Xlendi
In the southwest of the island of Gozo lies the village of Xlendi, known for its beautiful rock formations, steep cliffs and excellent beaches. In the village you will find the chapel dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel’ from 1868, a watchtower from which the village used to be guarded and a small pedestrian boulevard. Very special is the secret mill that is located behind a chapel in a rock. This mill was built during the Cold War of 1950 to safely produce nuclear energy.

#7. Xewkija
This oldest place on the island is not very big with an area of ​​about four square kilometers. The most visited sight is the very beautiful and also very large domed church ‘the Rotunda’. It took no less than 27 years to build this beautiful palatial church. In the National Museum of Gozo you can admire a piece of marble with an inscription that was found during excavations in Xewkija. The inscription tells the story of the death of an Arab girl named Sarah. There is also a windmill that can be visited in part and you will find the University of the island there.

#8. Fort Rinella
The Victorian fortress was built by the British between 1878 and 1886. From this location they tried to keep dangerous invaders at bay with military force such as cannons and smaller firearms. The fort has been open to the public since 1991 and you can learn more about this part of history in this museum. Fun for the children is a tour provided by a person completely dressed in that time.

#9. Museums
If you would like to know more about the history of Gozo, it is recommended to visit some museums. The most interesting of the island are: The Natural History Museum, the Archaeological Museum in the Palazzo Bondi in Victoria, the Folklore Museum and the Baroque Cathedral Museum in the Citadel Victoria.

#10. Diving
It is definitely worth going diving near the island of Gozo. In the clear water you can find a number of inviting wrecks and there are even caves to visit under water. The corresponding underwater life is very diverse. Along the beautiful bays you mainly see sea bream, wrasses, hermit crabs and flying grunts. It is possible to dive from the shore at various locations.

Gozo, Malta