Copenhagen, Denmark

Sights of Copenhagen, Denmark

According to allcitycodes, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. With more than half a million inhabitants, it is the largest city in the country. If you want to travel by car from the Netherlands to Copenhagen on the island of Zealand, you will always have to pay to reach the city. This can be done by means of tolls or by taking the ferry from Puttgarden in Germany. Copenhagen is a modern and prosperous city where old buildings alternate with modern architecture. You can especially taste the atmosphere on the terraces of Nyhavn, the harbor of Copenhagen that is often depicted in photos. If you are scared off by the stories that Copenhagen is expensive, you don’t have to worry too much for his or her wallet.

Copenhagen ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Nyhavn
The cozy cozy harbor of Copenhagen is characterized by many beautifully colored facades of old buildings on the quay. On warm days, the many terraces on this stretch of water are completely filled with people enjoying a snack and a drink. There are houses that are at least 300 years old. Once the harbor had a bad reputation for rowdy bars and sailors, today it’s a place to see and be seen. The famous writer Hans Christian Andersen is inextricably linked to Copenhagen. He has lived in several houses on this Nyhavn, where he wrote the story of the little mermaid, among other things.

#2. Tivoli Amusement Park
The beautifully landscaped amusement park Tivoli is located right in the center of Copenhagen. The park has been open since 1843 where it was founded by Georg Carstensen. The park has about 25 attractions, 5 of which are roller coasters. In the evening the park is beautifully lit with approximately 115,000 lamps.

#3. Rosenborg Palace
The Rosenborg Palace is located in the center of Copenhagen. This once royal residence is now open to the public. You will find the crown jewels of the royal family, painting and other objects from history. Various exhibitions are held regularly. In the beautiful garden surrounding this castle you will find a wonderful resting point in this large city.

#4. Little Mermaid
The statue of the ‘Little Mermaid’ is not very big, but it is the biggest attraction in Copenhagen. The world famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen is responsible for this. The statue was created by Edward Eriksen and has been standing in Copenhagen harbor since 1913. The statue has been smeared several times with paint or even partly destroyed by vandals and/or artists.

#5. Carlsberg brewery
The most famous beer in Denmark is Carlsberg. This brand is to the Danes what Heineken is to the Netherlands. The main brewery is located in Copenhagen and can be visited. During the Carlsberg Beer Experience you will learn everything about this beer brand, dating from 1847 and the way in which they have been able to realize a huge expansion through acquisitions in recent decades. Of course you will also learn everything about the process of brewing beer and you can taste beer after the tour (provided you are at least 18 years old). You can book tickets for the brewery tour here

#6. Strøget
The pedestrian zone ‘Strøget’ in Copenhagen is the city’s best-known and most important shopping area. It includes many streets and famous squares such as Gammel Torv, Nygade, Amagertorv and Frederiksberggade in the pleasant center. You will find large retail chains as well as smaller boutiques. The real fashionata has long known that Copenhagen is one of the leading fashion cities in the world.

#7. Nationalmuseet
The magnificent National Museum of Copenhagen is the ‘Nationalmuseet’. This museum is located near the pedestrian zone Strøget in the center. Nationalmuseet is Denmark’s largest museum. Here you can get acquainted with the cultural history of the country. There is a souvenir shop and restaurant for a little break in between. In addition to the permanent collection of the museum, there are regular temporary exhibitions to admire.

#8. Rundetårn
Because of its special appearance, the ‘Rundetårn’, Copenhagen’s round tower, is well known in the city. The tower houses the oldest observatory in Europe, which is still in use. The tower is a regular feature in the fairy tales of the writer Hans Christian Andersen, who lived in Copenhagen for years. Examples of this are ‘de Tinderdoos’ and ‘Holger the Dane’.

#9. Dyrehavsbakken
The most likely oldest amusement park in the world is located on the outskirts of Copenhagen. This is Dyrehavsbakken, which actually means deer park. The park is free to enter, but each attraction costs money. You will find roller coasters, including a wooden one from 1932, a haunted house and a Ferris wheel.

#10. Carlsberg Brewery
The Danish brewery ‘Carlsberg’ is located in Copenhagen. Since 1847 it has been one of the largest breweries in the world. The piece of mountain in the name comes from the location of the brewery. It is located on the hill of Valby Bakke. A laboratory was soon established to further investigate the chemistry of the brewer’s yeast. During a guided tour, all processes can be seen up close, discovered and especially tasted in this large brewery.

Copenhagen, Denmark